Joseph Maugis Professeur Lycée Chasseloup Laubat Saiuml;gon

Epicerie Kinh Ky Saigon

Couple sur un Velosolex Saigon

Epicerie Kinh Ky Saigon

Aigle Azur Indochine

Groupe Scolaire Jaureguiberry

Vietnamiennes sur un Velosolex Saïgon

Air Vietnam Saigon Paris

Etudiants Vietnamiens sur la place Francis Garnier Saïgon

Jeunes Sa´gonnaises sur la rue Catinat

La Pagode Saïgon

Peugeot 403 Break

Camionnette Renault avec une saïgonnaise

Aigle Azur Saigon

Brasseries et Glacières Indochine Saigon

AÚroport Tan Son Nhut Sa´gon

Le SO30 Bretagne Cosara Saigon

STCI Transitaire Saigon

Pan Am makes the going great...Saïgon

Garage Jean Comte 34 Boulevard Norodom Saïgon

Hôtel de Ville Saïgon  Ford Vedette Citroën Traction

Biere 33 Export Saigon

La semaine a Sa´gon en 1961

Boulevard Charner Sa´gon

Lait SucrÉ Concentré Rosy Saigon

Arrêt des autobus Boulevard de la Somme à Saïgon en 1946

Cine Radio Saigon

Taxis Renault 4 cv Saïgon

Les cyclomoteurs sur le boulevard Bonard Saigon

Peugeot 403 BachÚ

Taxi Renault 4cv Saïgon

Solex Famililal à Saïgon

Soldat Français rue Catinat Saïgon 1952

Indochine Sud Est Asiatique

Carrefour Renault-Dauphine Volkswagen Coccinnelle Saïgon

Calypso Marthe Gaschot Gia Dinh

Taxi Renault 4cv Saïgon

Un Douglas C-54 Skymaster Air France sur l'aéroport de Saïgon

Le Boulevard Charner

Femmes Saïgon 1953

Plan de Saigon

SocietÚ des Imprimeries et Librairies Indochichoises Saigon

Ford Vedette Saïgon

Melia Cigarettes Saigon

Societé Indochinoise de Transports Saigon

H˘tel Continental Cyclomoteur Mars 1951

Policier Sud-Vietnamien

Solex Famililal à Saïgon

Colette et son velosolex devant le Cafe Givral Saïgon

Savon Vietnam Saigon

Aigle Azur Saigon

Asianis le Pastis de Sa´gon

jeunes sa´gonnaises

The Far East Air France

Citroën Traction et Ford Vedette sur le boulevard Bonard à Saïgon

Femmes rue Catinat Saiuml;gon

Etablissements Hong Phát Saigon

Saigon-Phnom-Penh en 1953

Indochine Sud Est Asiatique Saigon

Femmes rue Catinat Saïgon

La Cathédrale Notre Dame Saigon


Les Bonnes Adresses de Saigon

DerriŔre la cathÚdrale de Sa´gon

Etablissements Jean Comte Sa´gon

Saïgon 15 Février 1953

La Pagode Saïgon

Les Paras et les Tirailleurs Ó Saïgon

Visit fascinating Vietnam

Savon Viet-nam

Grand Hotel Saïgon

Opticien Michaux Saigon

Soldat Français rue Catinat Saïgon 1952

Saigonnaise Ao Dai Saigon

Café rue Catinat Saigon

Etablissement Lucien Berthet Catinat Saïgon

Cady Motobecane Saigon

Policier Sud-Vietnamien

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Drapeau francais

Louis-Aldolphe Bonard

Louis-Adolphe Bonard (Cherbourg, born on March27th, 805 - Vanves, died on March1st 1867), was a French admiral, named as the first Governor-Admiral of Cochin-China, appointed by Emperor Napoleon III from November 30th ,1861 to October 16th, 1863.

Portrait de Louis-Aldolphe Bonard

Bonard Boulevard (now Lê Loi)

This boulevard begins from the Municipal Theatre and cut perpendicularly the Charner Boulevard to finish on Eugene Cuniac Square where was the railway station.

The Opera or Municipal Theater

Th├ę├ótre Municipale de Sa├»gon Citro├źn Traction Bonard Boulevard from the Theater

The Municipal Theater was built in 1910 by the architecture firm of F├ęlix Ollivier, Ernest Guichard, and Eug├Ęne Ferret. Hosting theater companies from Paris or divas just passing through, it enlivened somewhat the city in which the elite got bored in the evening. It was inaugurated in the presence of Prince Waldemar of Denmark.
In the architectural style of the Third French Republic, the fa├žade is inspired by the Petit-Palais in Paris. The interior appointments are well-equipped with perfect acoustics and lighting. The building includes a general-seating area and two balconies, for a total of 1800 seats.
D├ęcor, inscriptions, and furniture were designed in France by famous French artists and sent to Saigon.
In 1943 a part of this d├ęcor was removed during the Japanese occupation.

Assembl├ęe Nationale Saigon

For the 300th anniversary of the founding of Saigon the city government had a part of the fa├žadeÔÇÖs d├ęcor reconstructed.
Last in the 50ÔÇśs and the beginning of the 60ÔÇÖs this theater was the seat of the South Vietnamese parliament.


Boulevard Bonard Saigon Boulevard Bonard Bonard Boulevard Saigon

Emile Bodin

Emile Bodin Saigon

- at 20 Bonard Boulevard
Emile Bodin Limited
Sporting goods, Novelties
Tel: 21.476

Nam Anh

- at 20 Bonard Boulevard
Nam Anh Limited
Radio & Electricity shop

Tan My

Photo Tan My Saïgon

Photo Tan My
- 28 Boulevard Bonard

Ford Vedette

Ford Vedette Saïgon Ford Saigon

Concessionaire for : Ford - Marmonn Herrrington - Frehauf - Vespa
- 28-39 Bonard Boulevard
Phone: 21.408 & 21409
Shop: 9, Lacote Street (now Pham Hông Thái)

Ford Vedette Saïgon Ford Vedette Saïgon

Corner of the Bonard Boulevard and Charner Boulevard

G.M.C. Charner Department Stores Saigon South-Vietnamese Parliament, Simca-Aronde Saigon Bonard Boulevard Saigon Rond-Point Bonard-Charner Saigon

Kim Long Restaurant
and Nightclub Bong Lai

Restaurant Kim Long, Renault 4 cv Saïgon Restaurant Kim Long, Simca Aronde Saïgon Le Loi Boulevard Saïgon

The excellent chinese restaurant "Kim Long" was located on Bonard (Lê Loi) Boulevard.

ARVN War memorial

ARVN War memorial, Peugeot 203, Citro├źn Ami 6 ARVN War memorial ARVN War memorial

The ARVN Marines statue was situated right in front of the National Assemby or today's Municipal Theater.
It was toppled after 1975 and replaced by the statue of mother and child.


The Vien-Dong
Department Store

Coin du boulevard Bonard Saïgon Grands Magasins Vien Dong Saigon

- 57-59 Bonard Boulevard
Tel. 21193

Phuc-Thanh Company

58 Bonard Laques

58 Bonard Laques
- 58 Bonard Bld
Open daily from 8 AM to 8 PM

Plan de Saigon

Hong Phát Company

Etablissements Hong Phát Saigon

- " 112 Boulevard Bonard (Lê Loi)

Alsace Potash

Alsace Potash Company Saigon

- " 119 Bonard Boulevard
Tel: 21.521

Grand Pharmacy of Saigon Nguyen-Van-Cao

Pharmacie Nguyen-Van-Cao Saïgon

- 120-124 Bonard Boulevard

Bonard theater

Cinema Bonard Saïgon

- 121, Bonard boulevard

Cin├ę - Radio
Crance & Hauton

Cine Radio Saigon

- 121, Bonard Boulevard
Tel: 21057

Moped on Bonard Boulevard

Moped on Bonard Boulevard Saigon

Indochinese Forest and Matches Company

Soci├ęt├ę Indochinois Foresti├Ęre et des allumettes Saigon

- 123, Bonard Boulevard

Air Vietnam

Air Vietnam Saigon

- 123, Bonard Boulevard
T├ęl. 22.446/22447

Polyclinic Dejean de la Bâtie

Polyclinique Dejean de la Bâtie

- 125 Bonard Boulevard

The Casino de Saigon (now Kem Bach Dang)

Citro├źn Traction et Ford Vedette sur le boulevard Bonard ├á Sa├»gon

- the "Casino de Saïgon" is located at the corner of Bonard Boulevard (Le Loi ) and Pellerin Street (Pasteur).

Saigon Grocery Store

- 28, Francis Garnier Square
Phone : 20.930

D├ęchargement d'un camion

The Central Market (now Ben Thanh)

Les Halles Centrales de Saïgon en 1952 Saigon Central Market in 1950
Saigon Central Market in 1950 March├ę central Sa├»gon March├ę central Sa├»gon 1953

The Central market is located at the corner of Boulevard de la Somme and Boulevard Bonnard, to the right of the station on Eug├Ęne Cuniac Square. It was built in 1914 by a French company based in Saigon, at 48, Richaud Street; the ÔÇťBrossard and MopinÔÇŁ Company. This building is still the used as a market, it has four main doors, (east, west, north, and south), and the latter with its clock tower has become the current symbol of Ho Chi Minh City.
The ÔÇťBrossard and MopinÔÇŁ Company carried out many construction projects in Indochina such as the Hon Gay coal mines railroad, infrastructures on the Vi├ętry railroad at Lao Kay, on the Yunnan railroad; the station at Hanoi; 6000 meters (3.7 miles) of wharves in Saigon harbor; headquarters buildings such as that of the Bank of Indochina; the first 4- and 5-story apartment buildings on Catinat Street, as well as large-scale projects in China and Singapore

March├ę central Sa├»gonMarch├ę central Sa├»gonDerri├Ęre le March├ę Central ├á Sa├»gon March├ę Central de Sa├»gon March├ę central Sa├»gon

The central market (Ben Thanh) of Saigon after the fire on March 21st, 1950, set by the Vietminh.

La Place du March├ę ├á Sa├»gon La Place du March├ę Renault 4 CV Sa├»gon

On the left the bus station, at the center the dance hall "Le Tabarin" located in Bourdais Street, on the right the railway station.
On the right the Market Square (Ben Thanh).

Lê Loi (formely Bonard Boulevard) in 1972

Le Loi (formerly Bonard Boulevard) Saigon in 1972 Lê Loi Saigon in 1972


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