Fermeture La Cuirasse P.B de Montreil Saïgon

Epicerie Kinh Ky Saigon

Carrefour du Centre Ville de Saïgon

Camionnette Renault avec une saïgonnaise

Boulevard Charner Saïgon

Peugeot 403 Break

Aigle Azur Indochine

Aigle Azur Saigon

La Cathédrale Notre Dame Saigon

Un Douglas C-54 Skymaster Air France sur l'aéroport de Saïgon

Cinema de Saïgon

La semaine a Saïgon en 1961

Mobylettes bleue Saïgon

Vietnamiennes sur un Velosolex Saïgon

Peugeot 403 Baché

Solex Famililal à Saïgon

Albatros Saigon

Hôtel Continental de Saïgon vu de la rue Catinat

Avions Taxis d'Indochine janvier 1948

Rizeries Indochinoises Haïphong

Carrefour Renault-Dauphine Volkswagen Coccinnelle Saïgon

Arrêt des autobus Boulevard de la Somme à Saïgon en 1946

Dynard Panhard Saïgon

Polyclinique Saigon

Cigarettes Mic Extra Cholon

Tramway de Saïgon

Taxis Renault 4 cv Saïgon

Pan Am makes the going great...Saïgon

Agence Havas Saigon

Groupe Scolaire Jaureguiberry

Camion Renault Saïgon

Etablissements Olympic Saigon

Brasseries et Glacières Indochine Saigon

Rivoire et Carret Saigon

Biere 33 Export Saigon

Cigarettes Cotab Cholon

Vendeuse dans les rues de Saïgon

Asianis le Pastis de Saïgon

Bireleys Saigon

Cigarettes Mic Extra Cholon

Cyclomoteur-Taxi Saïgon

F.A.C.I. Saigon

Saïgon 15 Février 1953

Vue aérienne sur Saïgon

Enfant sur une Mercedes Saïgon

jeunes saïgonnaises

Solex Mobylettes Sachs Saigon

Plan de Saigon

Taxi Cyclomoteur Saïgon

Transports Indochinois Saigon

Le Monuments des Soldats détruit en 1975

Notre Dame Cathedral Saigon

Air Outre Mer Saigon

Peugeot 203 Saigon

Boulevard Bonard Saigon

Etablissements Jean Comte Saïgon

Groupe Scolaire Jaureguiberry

Gendarmes dans la rue Catinat Saïgon Août 1951

Peugeot 203 à Saïgon

Rue Tu Do (ex-Catinat) Saïgon

La Semaine à Saigon novembre 1974

Cosara Saigon 1953

Cyclo-Pousse Saigon

En Solex 2200 à Saïgon

Aigle Azur Saigon

Velosolex sur le boulevard Charner Saïgon

Savon Viet-nam

Imprimeries et Librairies Indochinoises Saïgon

Femmes Vietnamiennes devant le Garage Charner Saïgon

Renault Dauphine Mobylettes

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Drapeau francais

Paul Blanchy Street
in 1955 rue Trung nu Vuong
(now Hai Bà Trúng)

Paul Blanchy (1837-1901), son of a merchant from Bordeaux, moved to Indochina in 1871 and developed pepper farming.
He was elected the first mayor of Saigon, from 1895 to 1901, having been president of of the Colonial Council of Cochin-China in 1873. Saigon was the only city in colonial Vietnam to have an elected mayor.

Paul Blanchy in 1947

rue Paul Blanchy près du Port L'église de Tan Dinh à gauche l'hôpital Grall

Left: Paul Blanchy Street near the Harbor.
Center: at the background the Tan Dinh Church.
Right: on the left the Grall Hopital.

Tân Dinh Market

Le marché Tân Dinh Le marché Tân Dinh

The market was built in 1926-1927 by Société d' Études et de Constructions (SIDEC).

Tân Dinh Church

Tân Dinh Church Saigon Tân Dinh Church Saigon

Tân Dinh church is one of the oldest and most beautiful churches in Saigon. I took six years to build it, from 1870 to 1876.
Its style is both Gothic, Romanesque, and Baroque. In 1929, it was finished with a bell tower 60 meters tall.
The top of the bell tower is octagonal with a 3-meter tall bronze cross at the peak, and 5 bells weighing about 5½ tons.
All the altars in the choir section are made of Carrara marble.

Breweries and Ice-Houses of Indochina "BGI"

Larue Beer Brasseries et Glacières d'Indochine Saigon
Breweries and Ice-Houses of Indochina BGI Saigon Sirups BGI

The "Breweries and Ice-Houses of Indochina, BGI" building was built during the 30's by the architect Paul Veysseyre of the firm of Brodard & Taupin at:
6, Paul Blanchy Street
Tel : 20.311 et Ca : 528
Products manufactured: Ice, Beer, Soft Drinks.
Branches : Saigon - Cholon - Phnom Penh - Hanoi - Haiphong.
Manager: Mr. H. Murtin
B.G.I. will cease its activities in Indochina in 1976 to settle in North Africa and Southern Africa.

Larue Beer Biere 33 Export 33 BGI Breweries Saigon in 1971

The « Brasseries et Glacières d'Indochine » (Breweries and Ice-Houses
of Indochina) which made the famous “Larue” and “33” export beers.
At the end of the 19th century, a demobilized top sergeant of the French Army took up beer-making in Saigon by joining a brewer from Hanoi, a certain Hommel, to found the Breweries and Ice-Houses of Indochina, (BGI).
After the death of its founder, The Denis Brothers, the company of the four brothers from Bordeaux which had been in Saigon since 1862, took over the business. Over 4000 persons worked for BGI until 1975.

Larue and "33" Export Biers

Brasseries & Glacières de l'Indochine Bière Royale Cholon Bière Larue Vietnam Bière 33 Brasseries et Glacières d'Indochine

Le Corsica

Le Corsica Saïgon

20 Paul Blanchy Street
Bar and Buffet
Managers Mr.& Mrs Bariani

L'Entrepôt Vinicole
(The wine warehouse)

L'Entrepôt Vinicole Saïgon

L'entrepôt vinicole
16 Paul Blanchy Street

"Un Provencal" Company

Etablissement un provencal Saigon

Alsatian butcher

25 rue Paul Blanchy

20 - 24 Paul Blanchy Street

Les Caves du Sahel
(The wine cellars from Sahel)

Les Caves du Sahel Saïgon

S. Crisias & F. Pettinato
Wines - Grocery Store
26 - 28 Paul Blanchy Street

Khinh - Ky

Khinh Ky Grocery Saigon Alimentation Générale Saigon

49 - 51 Paul Blanchy Street

Alimentation Générale Khinh Ky Saigon

Rickshaw in Paul Blanchy Street Saigon

Rickshaw in Paul Blanchy Street

F. Bonneli (later G. Brandt)
Butcher shop

55 Paul Blanchy Street Tel. 22737

Compagnie Indochinoise d'Electricité
Indochinese Electricity Company

Alimentation Générale Saïgon

S.I.E. : Lignt, Ventilation, Power
72 Paul Blanchy Street


La Philatélie Internationale
(International Philately)
79 Paul Blanchy Street

Thich Huu

Thich Huu Tailleur civil et militaire

Thich Huu civilian and military tailor
93, rue Paul Blanchy


Tôbia un cercueil de luxe

224 Paul Blanchy Street

Jubin Company

Établissements Jubin Saigon

Jubin Company
Wines from France
243 Paul Blanchy Street

Polyclinic Tan Dinh

Clinique Saint-Paul Saïgon

328 Paul Blanchy Street
Phone: 20.783

Photo Tan My Saïgon

Photo Tan My
- 423 rue Paul Blanchy

The French Indochina Tramway Company

138 Paul Blanchy Street

Tramway de Saïgon Tramway de Saïgon

In 1913, the FITC electrified the Saigon-Cholon tram line from the lower road to the markes at Binh Tay. In 1939 the FITC thus had a network of about one hundred kilometers, about three-quarters electrified.
The entire network was powered by three substations.
The FITC used electric railcars with bogies and overhead power supply. They could pull 4 to 5 cars.

La nouvelle gare de la C.F.T.I de Saïgon Usine électrique & Tramway

The tram line ran chaotically during the Japanese occupation.
The Saigon-Cholon line would run again from 1946 to 1956, the date at which the FITC would shut down.

Tramway centre-ville saigon Ligne Saigon-Cholon

In 2008 work is in progress to rebuild new tram lines in the city of Saigon.


Chaigneau Street


Caffa Saigon

The paper specialists of Indochina
14, Chaigneau Street

Pellerin Street


Dynard Panhard Saïgon

Dyna - Panhard Dealer
61, Pellerin Street

Printing Kim Son

Imprimerie Kim Son Saïgon

100, Pellerin Street

Ancien Établissements Eiffel
The former Eiffel Companies

Ancien Établissements Eiffel Saigon

Agency in Indochina :
111, Pellerin Street

Lê Loi Street

Albatros (Paint)

Albatros Saigon

Headquarters :
180 - 182, Lê Loi Street

Filipini Street

Indochina Transport Company

SIT Saigon

Chrysler - Plymouth - Fargo -
Borgward - Land Rover
Branches in Saigon, Phnom-Penh
4, Filippini Street

Frère Louis Street

Air Outre Mer (Overseas Air)
(formerly CATI)

Air Outre Mer Saigon

Formerly C.A.T.I. "Compagnie Aérienne de Transports Indochinois et Africains" (Indochina and African Air Transport Company).
11, Frère-Louis Street Saigon
110 bis, Gaudot Boulevard Cholon

C.A.T.I. Saigon


French Army quartering in 1953 Saigon

French Army quartering in 1953 on Louis Brother Street.

French Army quartering Saigon 1953


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