Une femme et ses deux enfants rue Catinat Saigon

Lait SucrÉ Concentré Rosy Saigon

Compagnie Air Vietnam<

La semaine à Saïgon-Aout 70

Cyclo-Pousse & Citroën 2 CV

Couple Français devant le Café Le Givral Saïgon

Saigon-Phnom-Penh en 1953

Camionnette Renault avec une saïgonnaise

Touristes françaises en Cyclomoteur à Saïgon

duong Tu-Do ex rue catinat Saïgon septembre 1955

Cyclo-pousse, Renault 4CV Saïgon-Janvier 70

Au Menestrel Saigon 1950

La Croix du Sud rue Catinat Saïgon

Cigarettes Melia Saigon

Alimentation Générale Saigon

Jeunes filles saigonnaises

Place Pigneau de Behaine et la Cathedrale de Saigon

Brodart rue Catinat Saïgon

Femmes en Renault 4 CV devant le Théâtre de Saïgon

Ancien Établissements Eiffel Saigon

Antiquaire La Perle Saïgon

Aigle Azur Indochine

Cigarettes Mic Extra Cholon

Thtre municipal de Sagon

Femmes sur la rue Catinat Saigon

Femmes devant le magasin de Lucien Berthet Saïgon en 1953

Enfants Dubourg Givral Saigon 1950

Soldat Français rue Catinat Saïgon 1952

Asianis le Pastis de Sagon

Messageries Maritimes

Cathédrale Notre-Dame Saïgon

Le restaurant Kim Phu Dung Saigon

Saïgon 15 Février 1953

Indochine Sud-Est Saïgon

Cady Motobecane Saigon

Femmes sur la rue Catinat Saigon

Deux sœurs en solex Saïgon

Indochine Sud Est Asiatique

Plan de Saigon

Femmes Saïgon 1953

Les arcades de Saigon 1950

Femmes Vietnamiennes devant le Garage Charner Saïgon

Alimentation Générale Saigon

La semaine Saigon avril 1967

Brasseries et Glacières Indochine Saigon

Biere 33 Export Saigon

Air France Saigon

Gendarmes dans la rue Catinat Saïgon Août 1951

Brodart rue Catinat Saïgon

Voitures à Saïgon en 1961

Brodart-Le Bougnat Saigon

Epicerie Kinh Ky Saigon

Renault Outre Mer Indochine

Les Bonnes Adresses de Saigon

Souvenirs de la rue Catinat Saïgon

Femmes devant le magasin Nouveautés Catinat Saïgon

Bastos la cigarette de qualité

Location voitures Saigon

Cosara les lignes intérieures Indochine

Indochine Sud Est Asiatique Saigon

Madame Poizat devant le Continental Palace Saigon

Compagnie Aviation-SITA

Ogliastro Saigon

Discover Vietnam

Aigle Azur Saigon

Soldat Français rue Catinat Saïgon 1952

Soldat Français Velosolex 45 1952

Opticien Michaux Saigon

Biere 33 Export Saigon

Etablissements Marthe Gaschot Saigon

Rivoire et Carret Saigon>

Peugeot 403 Bach

Au centre le Commandant Ourta Saigon mars 1952

Chaussures Bata Saigon

Location voitures Saigon

Renault 4 CV Saïgon

Vietnam Photographic Supply Co

La sortie de la messe le dimanche 16 octobre 1948

Femmes devant Givral Saigon

Vietnamienne Gia Long

Grands Magasins Charner Saïgon

Autoradio Philips Saigon

Autobus Cosara de Saïgon en 1953

Derrière la cathédrale de Saigon

Grands Magasins Charner Saïgon

Bière 33 Brasseries et Glacières d'Indochine

Cigarettes Cotab Cholon

Soldat Armée Air en solex Saigon

Saigon-Phnom-Penh en 1953

Bière Hommel BGI Saigon

La sortie de la messe le dimanche 16 octobre 1948

Societ des Imprimeries et Librairies Indochichoises Saigon

Course de Cyclo-Pousse Saigon 1948

Soldats Armée Air Saïgon 1951

Optician Michaux Saigon

Cady Motobecane Saigon

Auxiliaire Fminime Jeep Indochine 1953

Les boissons de Marthe Gaschot Gia-Dinh Saigon

Biere Larue Vietnam

Militaires Français rue Catinat Saigon

Bireleys Saigon

Taxi Renault 4cv Saïgon

Ancien Établissements Eiffel Saigon

Au centre le Commandant Ourta Saigon mars 1952

Dynard Panhard Saïgon

Pâtes Delices Saigon

La Banque B.N.C.I de Sagon

Le Grand Monde Miss Saigon 1954

Two monks in Saigon Air France

Air France

Le Dimanche 17 Septembre 1950 rue Catinat Saigon

Ciné Radio Saigon

Femmes devant Brodard Saigon septembre 1950

F.A.C.I. Saigon

Savon Vietnam Saigon

Renault 4CV & Dauphine Boulevard Charner Saïgon

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Saigon Sports Circle

Two Pages on
"Le Cercle Sportif Saïgonnais"
(The Saigon Sports Circle)
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Saigon Sports Circle

Master Vatin at C.S.S.

Maître Vatin enseigne sa discipline à deux jeunes enfants dans les années 50 Piscine du Cercle Sportif de Saïgon

Left photo : Fencing was taught at C.S.S. starting in 1910, here Master Vatin teaches his skill to two young children during the 1950’s.
Right photo: He was also a swimming teacher, seen here with his "groupies".
Il would also MC the evening of the Grand Ball in 1955.

Maître Vatin maître-nageur Saïgon monsieur Vatin, moniteur de natation, avec ses groupies

M. Jean Vatin was also a swimming teacher, on the right photo he is here with his "groupies".
Il would also MC the evening of the Grand Ball in 1955.

Cercle Sportif Saïgonnais

Henry Cabot Lodge at C.S.S. in 1966

Henry Cabot Lodge dans la piscine du CSS Saïgon 1966

Study of the Ambassador
Here's a Saigon poolside study of U.S. Ambassador to Vietnam Henry Cabot Lodge. Much still active, Lodge was 63.

Vice Consul Eddie Smith at C.S.S. in 1966.

Eddie Smith CSS Saïgon 1966 Eddie Smith CSS Saïgon 1966

Vice Consul Eddie Smith at Cercle Sportif Saigonnais.
© François Sully (1927-1971)

Cercle Sportif Saïgonnais

The Cercle magazine in 1955

Revue du Cercle Saigonnais Mars Avril 1955 René Poizat sur le plongeoir Saïgon 1955 Revue du Cercle Saigonnais Mai Juin 1955

The “Revue du Cercle” (Magazine) was a bi-monthly published in Saigon which related all the activities at the C.S.S.

Cercle Saigonnais Mars octobre 1948 La piscine du Cercle Sportif Saigonnais

Saigon Sports Circle

The opening of the Grand Ball in 1955

Grand Bal Annuel du Cercle Saigonnais Grand Bal Annuel du Cercle Saigonnais 1955

On the program : Meritan and his orchestra, Jimmy Bex and his large ”Jade Palace” ensemble, Régine and André Berny, acrobatic dancers from the “Arc-en Ciel”, and Nicole and Marie Triem..
The official presentation of a check to H.E. Minister Pham-Van-Huyen, commissioner-general for refugees..

The Annual Grand Ball
Saturday, March 5th, 1955
Around the World in one night

Grand Bal Annuel du Cercle Saigonnais Les convives du Bal

Left photo : The annual Grand Ball of the C.S.S. on March 5th, 1955.
Right photo: A particularly successful evening with Madame Vincenti, Colonel Bachelot, US Naval Attaché Lacy, and Madame Ravel.

Price list of the Annual Grand Ball of 1955

For the Around the World departure:
Have a cocktail:….”Paradise” or “the Little Devil”; $50
CHAMPAGNES (bottle): $300 (Bolinger, Charles Heidsieck, Dry Monopole, Krug, Moët & Chandon, Mumm Cordon Rouge, Piper Heidsieck, Pommery, Veuve Cliquot).
WINES: $150 (Traminer, Muscadet, Tavel Rosé, Arbois Rosé) $100 (Côtes du Rhône, Beaujolais).
VARIOUS OTHER DRINKS: $75 (Cognac, Peppermint Schnapps, various others), $100 (Scotch Whisky, $45 (Beer 33), $30 (¼ ltr. Perrier).
COLD BUFFET: $120 (Paté in aspic), $40 (Ham sandwich), $80 (Cold Cuts), $50 (Poached egg in aspic with ham), $60 (Rabbit in pastry crust), $30 (Fruit tart), $30 (Apple, orange), $40 (Pear), $15 (Coffee)..
Prices shown are in Vietnamese Piasters.

Saigon Sports Circle

The Big Night of the Cercle
by Jacques Chancel

Le mariage du pianiste Jean Hars, Jacques Chancel figure également sur la gauche avec son épouse

Jacques Chancel on the right in this photo.

It was a beautiful night. Spotlights and lanterns light up the Cercle. It wasn’t quite 10 p.m.
It was an evening, like so many others, perhaps a bit less chilly… an evening full of promises… so different from the one whose theme was “Fashion through the Ages”. Remember that awful rain… that terrifying downpour of 1954? In recalling that sad prank by Nature, I think of the justified despair of our Festival Committee. However, like performers in a “botched” entrance, the young ones, overcoming their quite natural anger and disappointment, had hoped in the space of one night that the next day would be better. It was.
Once none of this existed.
Why come back to revisit the past? In my view it’s a necessity, because supported by facts that existed it is easy to assume that the programming of such an event is one of the characteristic phases of daring. Did you for a moment consider the work done by the decorators, the costumers, the electricians? What about expenses?
What if the imponderable malicious act prevented our Ball?
Because each year the Cercle Sportif “dared”, this night became the most beautiful on Saigon’s calendar.

Soirée costumée du Cercle Sportif Saïgonnais du 5 mars 1955

The people identified in this photo taken during the costume party at the Cercle Sportif of Saigon on March 5th, 1955 are, from left to right:
- First row: (kneeling), 2nd from left, Marie-Noëlle Lagrange; 3rd, Françoise Faubeau; 4th, Odette Robert.
- Second row: 5th from left, Anne-Marie Dubourg; 9th, Marie-Thérèse Houel.
- Third row: 1st, Bernard Lacouture; 4th, Patrick Wintrebert..
Thanks to Pierre and Anne Marie Du Bourg.

The night was really very beautiful.
To accomplish this speedy ‘Round the World trip, one thousand three hundred invited guests had chosen a not-very-commercial airline: the one of good humor and fantasy. This fun world had set up its décor on the tennis courts. I mentioned in passing the works of Monsieur Di, the decorator for C.S.S.: the Eiffel Tower, the foggy sky of London, the Pyramids of Egypt, the coast of Hong-Kong, the beaches of the islands, all landscapes to keep your imagination going. I saw an immense globe which rotated with the wind, and further on, a runway and a modern airport.
It was barely 10 p.m.
And this World was deserted.
Fortunately, I knew that it would soon be very lively. I would hate to have missed the first arrivals. From the terrace the immense runway lined with colored panels could have been the hall of a Le Bourget (airport in Paris), which gave its travelers a kind of picture over which to fly.
Then the long parade of cars began… vehicles of all makes enhanced by well-dressed women. A Buick: one admired its lines. A modest Renault 4 CV: its modest crew was cheered.
I had distanced myself a bit and was standing at the top of the stairs leading to the tennis courts. In this way I could better judge the effect of an arrival. Two tall, pretty young women then made their entrance. They were admirable in their light finery, in their costumes from the islands. They were noticed.

A show that toured the World

M. et Mme Letessier, M. Gruchy, Mme Ly et Mlle Gamblez Saïgon 1955

The officials in the photo : Mr. and Madame Letessier, Mr. Gruchy, Madame and Miss Gamblez..

George Meritan and his little band led the dancers. The bar attracted a few bachelors looking for a show. It was already becoming the center for all those who wished to leave their favorite table for a bit and to come get refreshments.
Finally the program began…
First came a round of masked groups…
Gypsies, Martians, various types. Then René Laporte, from Radio-France-Asie, was kind enough to explain to us what was customary to admire in a trip around the World. Photos will describe this better than any text could do. I will say, however, that I was captivated by the pure grace of the Polynesian women, and by the rhythm of the warriors. Every country was represented: Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos made up a most graceful set. The Parisian woman reminded me of No. 11 Montpensier Street in Paris, near the Royal Palace, that fashion-model club that was run by the lovely Praline.
The pictures were perfect.

Saigon Sports Circle

From the “Arc-en-Ciel” in Cholon to the “Moulin Rouge” in Paris

Having triumphed at the " Arc-en-Ciel” nightclub in Cholon for three weeks, the marvelous dance couple Régine and André Berny was kind enough to present their act during the big night at the Cercle. They were a great success. Their kindness and their grace won them a lot of admiration. They are now in Paris and the audiences of the “Moulin Rouge” will be able to applaud them. Régine and André Berny are very young… we hope they will become great dance stars. Their performance will be noted in the annals of artistic activities at the Cercle Sportif Saïgonnais.

Thanks to Monsieur Vatin

Mr. Vatin CSS Grand Ball Saigon 1955 Invitation to Grand Ball Saigon 1955

Thanks to all those who had the kindness and merit to fund this festival. Monsieur Vatin, the tireless M.C., once again very proud of his young people.
Doctor Lebon was right to trust him.
The lighting gave color to the various scenarios. They were well directed by Stein Bernard who made sure that this spectacle was a ‘sound and light’ treat...
It was a trip around the World.
But we came back to Saigon and we danced until dawn to the rhythms of Jimmy Bex and his “Jade Palace” big band.
From an article published in the “Revue du Cercle” No. 31, March-April 1955

The end of the C.S.S. Ball

Fin du Bal du Cercle Saigonnais 1955 Bal du C.S.S. 1955

A big thank-you to René Poizat who has allowed us to re-live the activities of the C.S.S. with the photos and documents from his personal collection.

View of the tennis courts and the swimming pool
from the buildings of the C.S.S.

Vue sur les courts de tennis Vietnamese French Country Club Saigon 1970

From the railing of the big terrace of the Cercle the view extends across the length of the courts alive with the sound of tennis balls. The horizontal ochre line of the pergola with flowering bougainvilleas encircles the swimming pool..

Cercle Sportif Saïgonnais

The gardens of the C.S.S. in 1955

Les jardins du CSS Les jardins du CSS

Mrs Poizat and his son in the beautiful gardens of the C.S.S.

Cercle Sportif Saïgonnais

Theater at the Cercle Sportif in 1963
"The Sign of Kikota"

Le Théâtre au Cercle Sportif de Saïgon

The play, “The Sign of Kikota”, by Roger Ferdinand, was put on in 1960 at the "Theater of What’s New" (Le Théatre des Nouveautés) in Paris by Fernand Gravey and is a satire of psychoanalysis.
It was done again in 1963 at the Cercle Sportif of Saigon by Jean Proper Bied with these actors: Martine Laurencin, René Laporte, (Radio France-Asia), and Claudine Dreuilhe, daughter of the headmaster of the Marie Curie High School.
The sets were created by Claudine Dreuilhe and built by Van Di, set decorator at the C.S.S.

Cercle Sportif Saïgonnais

Boules games at the Cercle Sportif in the 60's

Boules games in Saigon Frenchmen playing pétanque in Saïgon

Frenchmen playing pétanque (boules games) at the Cercle Sportif Saïgonnais.

Cercle Sportif Saïgonnais

Dance gala at the Cercle Sportif in 1964

Gala de danse au CSS organisé en 1964 par madame Bachet Gala de danse au CSS organisé en 1964 par madame Bachet

Dance gala at the C.S.S. organized by Madame Bachet for New Year’s Eve, 1964.
Awarding of flowers by the Director of the Cercle Sportif Saïgonnais.

Repetition de Danse au CSS en 1964 Remise des fleurs par le Directeur du CSS en 1964

Cercle Sportif Saïgonnais

The Cercle Sportif Saigonnais in 1971

Cercle Sportif Saigonnais 1971 Carte du Cercle Sportif Saigonnais 1971

Cercle Sportif Saïgonnais

La piscine du CSS Saïgon La piscine du CSS Saïgon

© Left photo : Jack Van Omnen

Jack Van Omnen website : cometosea

"To make of the Cercle Sportif a ”House of France” where each of its thousand members can feel at home – whatever his situation – and can find all he could wish for to enhance his leisure, that is the goal always set by those who ran this vast organization. Sports, happiness, beauty, all was gathered in this privileged place where a breeze of smiling good humor blows since its opening, and where the old French traditions of friendly courtesy and eclecticism in good taste..."
From the monthly magazine "Sud-Est". February 1950, by Christine Chanut.

The Saigon Sports Circle 1950

Saigon Sports Circle

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"Le Cercle Sportif Saïgonnais"
(The Saigon Sports Circle)
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Cercle Sportif Saïgonnais

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