Opticien Michaux Saigon

The Far East Air France

Epicerie Kinh Ky Saigon

SITA Transport de Passagers et de Frêt en Indochine

C.A.T.I. Saigon

Garage Charner Saigon

Cathedrale Notre Dame Saïgon

Au centre le Commandant Ourta Saigon mars 1952

Compagnie Aviation-SITA

Gendarmes dans la rue Catinat Saïgon Août 1951

Ford Vedette Saïgon

Femmes devant le magasin de Lucien Berthet Saïgon en 1953

Ford Vedette Saïgon

Opticien Michaux Saigon

Indochine Sud Est Asiatique Saigon

Auxiliaire Fminime Jeep Indochine 1953

Dentifrice Hynos Vietnam

Militaires Français rue Catinat Saigon

Autobus Cosara de Saïgon en 1953

La Semaine à Saigon novembre 1974

Lait SucrÉ Concentré Rosy Saigon

Soldats Armée Air Saïgon 1951

Alimentation Générale Saigon

Savon Vietnam Saigon

Compagnie Aviation-SITA

Saigon-Phnom-Penh en 1953

Couple Français devant le Café Le Givral Saïgon

Femmes devant le magasin de Lucien Berthet Saïgon en 1953

Cosara Saigon 1953

Voitures à Saïgon en 1961

Garage Jean Comte 34 Boulevard Norodom Saïgon

La semaine a Sagon en 1961

Brasseries et Glacières Indochine Saigon

Velosolex 330 Saigon

Sipeo Kodak Saigon

Saïgon 15 Février 1953

La Semaine Saïgon

La semaine à Saïgon-Aout 69

Hôtel Saigon-Palace

Vendeur de journaux dans la rue Catinat Saigon 1950

Publicit Apritif de France Saint-Raphael

Cathedrale Notre-Dame Saigon

La semaine à Saïgon-Aout 69

Touristes françaises en Cyclomoteur à Saïgon

Marchand de journaux de la librairie Portail Saîgon

Delahaye Bainier Saïgon

Calypso Marthe Gaschot Gia Dinh

Au Menestrel Saigon 1950

La Pharmacie Centrale de Sagon

Peugeot 203 Publiciité Jean Comte Saigon

Peugeot 203 Publiciité Jean Comte Saigon

Autobus Cosara de Saïgon en 1953

Sipeo Kodak Saigon

Location voitures Saigon

Automoto Saïgon

Les arcades de Saigon 1950

Bière 33 Saigon

Renault 4CV & Dauphine Boulevard Charner Saïgon

jeunes sagonnaises

Asianis le Pastis de Sagon

Discover Vietnam

Indochine Sud Est Asiatique Saigon

La semaine à Saïgon-Aout 70

Velosolex près de la pâtisserie Brodart Saïgon

Gendarmes dans la rue Catinat Saïgon Août 1951

Soldat français en scooter Vespa Saigon septembre 1953

Velosolex 3800 Saigon

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Drapeau français


The Plateau

The Plateau dominates the rest of the city by several meters. It is located after Norodom Boulevard behind Notre Dame Cathedral. It is here that one finds the very exclusive "Cercle Sportif" club as well as the residences of leading colonial citizens of Cochin China and the Pasteur Institute.

Chasseloup-Laubat Street
in 1955 Hông Thâp Tu (Red Cross)
now Thi Minh Khai

Justin Napoleon Samuel Prosper, Marquis of Chasseloup-Laubat (1805-1873) was Minister of the Navy and of the Colonies from November 24th, 1860 to 1869. He founded the Protectorate of Cambodia and completed the conquest of Cochin-China.
Appointed by Emperor Napoleon III, he served as Minister overseeing the State Council for the establishment of the “Liberal Empire”.
Chasseloup-Laubat Street is one of the longest in the city of Saigon. It begins in the north at the bridge of Arroyo de l’Avalanche (Avalanche Creek) (Thi Nghè), runs along the Saigon Botanical Gardens, crosses the width of the city and ends at the line between Saigon and Cholon. In going through the central part of the city, the street borders on one side of the old Governor General’s Palace, now the Palace of Independence. It also passes in front of the Collège Chasseloup-Laubat, a high school built in 1875.


The Chasseloup-Laubat High School

Collège Chasseloup-Laubat Saigon

Chasseloup-Laubat High School
110, Chasseloup-Laubat Street
Tel: 20.021
This establishment was founded on November 14th, 1874, with the name of “Native High-School”, which was set up to train young Cochin-Chinese professionals for the administration of the Colonies. After its merger with Adran high school in 1891, young French students were admitted. In 1928 it became Chasseloup-Laubat high school, and the curriculum was taught solely in the French language

La sortie du Lycée Chasseloup-Laubat Saigon


The Chasseloup-Laubat High School

Lycée Chasseloup-Laubat Saigon Lycée Chasseloup-Laubat Saigon

On July 14th, 1942, Admiral Jean Decoux gave a speech in which he associated the Vietnamese youth with the National Revolution advocated by the Vichy Government.
Closed on February 7th, 1945, during the Japanese occupation, the school was used as a reception center for refugees from Indochina and was pillaged.
The school progressively reopened all its classrooms during the 1945-46 school year welcoming French and Vietnamese students. In 1946 it became a coeducational school. However, as of the opening of the Marie Curie High School for girls in 1947 (formerly the Calmette School), located at 159 General de Gaulle Street (in 1955 Công Ly, and now Nam Ky Khoi Nghia) in Saigon, the female element disappeared from Chasseloup-Laubat.
On July 11th, 1951, a few months before his death, General Jean de Lattre de Tassigny appealed to the young Vietnamese at the high-school:
"Vietnam will be saved by you. Young men of the Vietnamese elite to whom I feel as attached as to the youth of the land of my birth, the moment has come for you to defend your country. Sweat and blood are still necessary to raise the harvest of free men under the sun of independence. The intellectual youth of Vietnam has its place today in this great task, alongside the peasant youth. I have confidence in you. You are the hope that has not faltered and will not be disappointed. I believe that the World will be saved by a few. I believe that Vietnam will be saved by you.".

Education Physique au lycée Chasseloup-Laubat Saigon Basket Ball au lycée Chasseloup-Laubat Saigon

Well-known people having attended Chasseloup-Laubat include:
- at the beginning of the 20th century, General Nguyên Van Xuân.
- at the same period, the journalist Nguyên Van Tao, who would be expelled from Chasseloup-Laubat.
- the brilliant student, Ta Tu Thau, who would go on the study at university in France, who had Trotskyite leanings and would be assassinated by the Vietminh in 1945.
- in 1930, Marguerite Duras, (pen–name of French author and playwright Marguerite Donnadieu) would study at Chasseloup-Laubat and received her degree there.
At the end of the ‘30’s, it would be Prince Norodom Sihanouk of Cambodia’s turn.

La distribution des prix au lycée Chasseloup-Laubat de Saigon en 1955 La distribution des prix au lycée Chasseloup-Laubat de Saigon en 1956

On June 17th, 1955, the solemn awarding of prizes took place under the presidency of Ngô-Dinh-Diêm, president of the Vietnamese government. (He would be assassinated during a coup d’état on November 2nd, 1963).
On June 26th, 1956, the solemn awarding of prizes took place under the presidency of Nguyên-Duong-Don, Secretary of State for National Education of Vietnam. (At the end of the 1950’s he would be Ambassador of South Vietnam in Rome).

Collège Chasseloup-Labat Saigon Lycée Chasseloup-Labat Saigon


Jean-Jacques Rousseau College

In 1960 the Chasseloup-Laubat High School changed its name to break the tie that linked it to the French Colonial Empire; it would be known as the Jean-Jacques Rousseau School (philosopher of values reputed to be universal).
At the beginning of the 1970’s the school was turned over to the South-Vietnamese government and changed its name to become Lê Quý Dôn, after an 18th century Vietnamese man of letters.
After the fall of the South-Vietnamese government in April 1975 it kept the same name: Lê Quý Dôn General Second Degree Education Establishment.

Collegège Jean-Jacques Rousseau Saigon

The Chasseloup-Laubat / Jean-Jacques Rousseau
High School Alumni Association.
Their website: AEJJR


The Marie Curie High School

Lycée Chasseloup-Labat Saigon

Marie Curie High School
159, General de Gaulle Street (in 1955 Công Ly and now Nam Ky Khoi Nghia)
Tel: 20.625
Opening of the Marie Curie High School for girls in 1947.

Institution Charles de Gaulle Saigon

La Boule Gauloise

La boule Gauloise de Saïgon

37, Chasseloup-Laubat Street
The Colonial Circle was founded in 1863 and became later the "La Boule Gauloise" sports circle.

Le Cercle Sportif Saigonnais (The Saigon Sports Circle)

Cercle Sportif Saïgonnais

The Saigon Sports Circle (Athletic Club)
55, Chasseloup-Laubat Street
Tel : 20.385
Bar : 20.288

Revue du Cercle Saigonnais Mars Avril 1955 René Poizat sur le plongeoir Saïgon 1955 Revue du Cercle Saigonnais Mai Juin 1955

more information about the Saigon Sports Circle (Athletic Club) here


Bienhoa Forests & Sawmills

Forêt & Scieries de Bienhoa

62, Chasseloup-Laubat Street

The Olympic Company

Etablissements Olympic Saigon

95-97-99, Chasseloup Labat Street
Tel: 20.935
Cars: Oldsmobile, Vauxhall, Salmson
Trucks: Diamond T, Denis, Bedford
Motorcycles: Harley-Davidson, Triumph, Jawa, Ogar
Chairmen: MM. Nguyen Thanh Co & Nguyen Van Nhon

Olympic Theater and Garage

Etablissements Olympic Saigon Cinema et Garage Olympic Saigon

Different departments: Importations, Garage, Station-Service, Cinéma.

The Olympic Company in 1960

Etablissements Olympic Saigon

In 1955 Chasseloup Labat will become Hông Thâp Tu


Offices of the Saigon Michelin tire manufacturing company

Pneu Michelin Bibendum Michelin Pneu Michelin

180, Chasseloup Labat Street
Tel: 22.122


A big thank-you to René Poizat for the photos and documents from his personal collection.
Photos of Chasseloup Laubat High School come from the National Overseas Archives in Aix en Provence.


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