Femmes Vietnamiennes devant le Garage Charner Saïgon

Rex Hotel, Renault 4 CV, Velosolex, Traction Citroën

Saïgon 15 Février 1953

Air France Saigon

Cyclo-pousse, Renault 4CV Saïgon-Janvier 70

Cathedrale Notre Dame Saigon

Grands magasins Charner Saïgon

Cyclo-Pousse & Citroën 2 CV

Couple rue Catinat Saigon

Voitures à Saïgon en 1961

Sipeo Kodak Saigon

Femmes en Renault 4 CV devant le Théâtre de Saïgon

Air Vietnam Saigon 1952

Velosolex et Camion Citroen Saigon

duong Tu-Do ex rue catinat Saïgon septembre 1955

Jeunes filles saigonnaises

Les arcades de Saigon 1950

Guide de Saigon

Hotel Saïgon Palace

Indochine Sud-Est Asiatique 1953

Bière Larue Indochine

Femmes devant le magasin de Lucien Berthet Saïgon en 1953

Indochine Sud-Est Saïgon

Hin Anh Vietnam

Aigle Azur Saigon

Alimentation Générale Saigon

Asianis le Pastis de Saïgon

Groupe Scolaire Jaureguiberry

Alimentation Générale Saigon

Brodart rue Catinat Saïgon

Rivoire et Carret Saigon

Touristes françaises en Cyclomoteur à Saïgon

Velosolex 330 Saigon

Vietnam National Tourist Office

Fermeture La Cuirasse P.B de Montreil Saïgon

Couple Saigon

Saigon Round up

Air Vietnam Saigon

Asianis le Pastis de Saïgon

Taxi Renault 4cv Saïgon

Foyer du Soldat et du Marin Saigon

Bastos la cigarette de qualité

Aigle Azur Indochine

Soldat Français rue Catinat Saïgon 1952

Epicerie Kinh Ky Saigon

Cigarettes Cotab Cholon

Lait SucrÉ Concentré Rosy Saigon

Gendarmes dans la rue Catinat Saïgon Août 1951

Tombola des éleves pauvres et orphelins Saigon 1954

Indochine Sud Est Asiatique

Cigarettes Cotab Cholon

Aigle Azur Indochine

Vue sur Saïgon depuis l'hôtel Caravelle

Messageries Maritimes

Cathédrale Notre-Dame Saïgon

Societé Indochinoise de Transports Saigon

Femmes devant le magasin Nouveautés Catinat Saïgon

Brodart rue Catinat Saïgon

Touristes françaises en Cyclomoteur à Saïgon

Le restaurant Kim Phu Dung Saigon

Antiquaire La Perle Saïgon

Le Café "Pointe des Blagueurs Saigon

Cady Motobecane Saigon

Brodart-Le Bougnat Saigon

Theatre municipal de Saïgon

Camionnette Renault avec une saïgonnaise

Compagnie Air Vietnam<

Les Bonnes Adresses de Saigon

Automoto Saïgon

La semaine à Saïgon-Aout 70

La semaine Saigon avril 1967

Saïgon 15 Février 1953

Femmes sur la rue Catinat Saigon

Air France Saïgon

Place Pigneau de Behaine et la Cathedrale de Saigon

Les journaux internationaux et vietnamiens de Saïgon

Passage Eden Saigon

Plan de Saigon

Eglise Tân Dinh Saïgon

Le Grand Monde Miss Saigon 1954

Grands Magasins Charner Saïgon

Ancien Établissements Eiffel Saigon

Cigarettes Nationales Saigon

Au Menestrel Saigon 1950

Ciné Radio Saigon

Visit fascinating Vietnam

Ford Vedette Saïgon

La semaine à Saïgon-Aout 70

Aigle Azur Saigon

Renault Outre Mer Indochine

La semaine à Saïgon-Aout 69

Couple Français devant le Café Le Givral Saïgon

Deux sœurs en solex Saïgon

Une femme et ses deux enfants rue Catinat Saigon

Diethelm Vendeuvre Saïgon

Savon Vietnam

La Croix du Sud rue Catinat Saïgon

Delahaye Bainier Saïgon

Souvenirs de la rue Catinat Saïgon

Traction Citroën Saigon

Vietnam Photographic Supply Co

Pâtes Delices Saigon

Bière 33 Brasseries et Glacières d'Indochine

Saigonnaises 1963

Marins Français sur le Porte-Avion Lafayette en mai 1953

Cigarettes Melia

Femmes devant Brodard Saigon septembre 1950

Opticien Michaux Saigon

Biere Larue Vietnam

Aigle Azur Saigon

Soldat Armee Air en solex Saigon 1953

Location voitures Saigon

Biere 33 Export Saigon

Grand-Pere rue Catinat Saigon

Catinat cine Saïgon

Chaussures Bata Saigon

7 Jours à Saigon

Course de Cyclo-Pousse Saigon 1948

Souvenirs de la rue Catinat Saïgon

Militaire en moto Saigon

Dynard Panhard Saïgon

F.A.C.I. Saigon

Two monks in Saigon Air France

F.A.C.I. Saigon

Rivoire et Carret Saigon>

Auxiliaire Féminime Jeep Indochine 1953

Théâtre municipal de Saïgon

Discover Vietnam

Madame Poizat devant le Continental Palace Saigon

Biere 33 Export 33

Gendarmes dans la rue Catinat Saïgon Août 1951

La sortie de la messe le dimanche 16 octobre 1948

La Pagode Saïgon

Bière Hommel BGI Saigon

Librairie Albert Portail

Soldat Armée Air en solex Saigon

Cigarettes Mic Extra Cholon

Savon Vietnam Saigon

Autobus Cosara de Saïgon en 1953

Ford Vedette Saïgon

Taxi Renault 4cv Saïgon

Bastos la cigarette de qualité

Calypso Marthe Gaschot Gia Dinh

Renault 4CV & Dauphine Boulevard Charner Saïgon

Soldats Armée Air Saïgon 1951

Autoradio Philips Saigon

Societé Indochinoise de Transports Saigon

Grands Magasins Charner Saïgon

Madame Poizat devant le Continental Palace Saigon

Au centre le Commandant Ourta Saigon mars 1952

Grand-Mere rue Catinat Saigon

Saigon-Phnom-Penh en 1953

Camionnette Renault avec une saïgonnaise

Derrière la cathédrale de Saigon

Air Vietnam Saigon 1952

Moped on Bonard Boulevard Saigon

Air France Saigon

Location voitures Saigon

Couple Français devant le Café Le Givral Saïgon

Cigarettes Cotab Cholon

Grand-Pere et son petit fils rue Catinat Saigon

Au centre le Commandant Ourta Saigon mars 1952

Etablissements Marthe Gaschot Saigon

Cady Motobecane Saigon

Travail Famille Patrie Indochine

Femmes devant le magasin de Lucien Berthet Saïgon en 1953

Femmes sur la rue Catinat Saigon

Cosara les lignes intérieures Indochine

Grand-Mere et son petit fils rue Catinat Saigon

La Banque B.N.C.I de Saïgon

Le Dimanche 17 Septembre 1950 rue Catinat Saigon

Indochine Sud Est Asiatique Saigon

Optician Michaux Saigon

Les boissons de Marthe Gaschot Gia-Dinh Saigon

Grands Magasins Charner Saïgon

Grand-Mere et son petit fils rue Catinat Saigon

Soldat Français rue Catinat Saïgon 1952

Cigarettes Bastos

Le Combattant Indochine

Compagnie Aviation-SITA

Cigarettes Nationales Saigon

Velosolex et Camion Citroen Saigon

Militaires Français rue Catinat Saigon

Banque Franco Chinoise Saigon

Militaires Français rue Catinat Saigon

Renault 4 CV Saïgon

Renault Outre Mer Indochine

La sortie de la messe le dimanche 16 octobre 1948

Touristes françaises en Cyclomoteur à Saïgon

Le Grand Monde Miss Saigon 1954

Simca 5 Saigon

Cyclo-pousse, Renault 4CV Saïgon-Janvier 70

Air Vietnam Saigon 1952

Saigonnaise Citroën

Sud Est Asiatique Juillet 1952

BGI Breweries Saigon in 1971

Societé des Imprimeries et Librairies Indochichoises Saigon

Moto-Cycle Saigon

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Drapeau anglais

Helpful Information
for Americans in Vietnam

This booklet was published in Saigon in May, 1959 by:
"The American Women's Association of Saigon (V.A.A.) "
55 Mac-Dinh-Chi (formerly Massiges Street)
Print by : Kim Lai A-Quan 35 Nguyen Dinh Chieu (Rudyard Kipling Street) Tel. 22208
Price : V.N. $ 30

The Country

Vietmamese riding Solex 1959


Against a background of mountains and jungle, fertile deltas and virgin timberland, the battle of Indochina continues, no longer a battle of cannons and rifles, but a strategic war against communist domination.
Three seperate countries once composed the peninsula we speaked of as Indochina. Two of these countries are Cambodia and Laos, whose capital cities are Phnom Penh and Ventiane respectively ; each has its own government, traditions and customs. The third is Vietnam, largest and most important of the three ; it includes two former French protectates, Tonkin and Annam, and a former French colony Cochinchina, which are known as North, Central and South Vietnam. Saigon is located in this latter section.
Ngo Dinh Diem became prime minister of Vietnam in June, 1954. In the elections of october, 1955, Bao Dai was deposed and Diem became President of the Republic of Vietnam. He is a repected nationalist. Since his election he has reorganized South Vietnam and created a growing feeling of stability, but not without many problems.

Ngo Dinh Diem Saigon Ngo Dinh Diem Saigon

Touring in Vietnam

With the improvements in security and in the road systems, more and more of the countryside can be visited by motorists. There are a number of interesting one day trips from Saigon and the more adventuresome have motored as far as the ruins of Angkor in Cambodia. Air service to the outlying cities of Vietnam, as well as to Cambodia and Laos, is regular and frequent. There is also regular overnight train service from Saigon to Dalat and to Nha Trang with sleeping and dining cars.

Bien Hoa is about 23 miles northeast of Saigon. In addition to the pottery and art schools one can see, at the Temple of Buu-Son, a granite statue of 15th century Cham origin. The falls at Tri An, 39 kilometers further along the road, make an ideal spot for picnicking and fishing.

Cap St. Jacques is a well-known beach resort of French colonial days, some two and one half hours away.

Long Hai, another beach resort town, approximately the same distance from Saigon. Here is a new hotel which is popular with Americans. A few miles away is the less-populated and beautiful beach of Nuoc Ngot. For reservations at Long Hai, call Long Hai N° 1.

Tay Ninh, 50 miles northwest of Saigon is famous as the location of the Cao Dai Temple and the center of a strong religious faction in South Vietnam. The Temple is extremely colorful, and if ones leaves Saigon at nine in the morning, one can witness an interesting service at 11:00 A.M. There are no objections to picture-taking, as long as camera fans remain on the upstairs of the upper reaches of the Plains des Joncs where sampans in the canals between the rice paddles seem to sail overland.

Dalat, a small mountain town with an elevation of 5.000 feet is a favorite recreational spot for many. It is situated about 175 miles from Saigon, a six hour motor trip, one hour by air, with regular commercial plane service (570 piasters round trip), or overnight by train. A stay at Dalat with its delightful cool climate is a refreshing experience after life in the humid lowlands. There are various hotels, including one in European style, recently renovated, quite adequate. Double rooms from 500 to 700 piasters.

Nha Trang, a lovely bay on the east coast, is considered by some to have the best beach at certain seasons. It is one and one half-hours by air (865 piasters roud trip), 10 hours by car, or overnight by train. There are several adequate hotels. Double rooms, 400 piastres.

Ban Me Thuot, on a plateau some 250 miles from Saigon, is a headquarters for those interested in hunting. Quarters in one of the several guest bungalows must be arranged through official channels.

Hue, located on the mountainous coast near the 17th parallel, was the ancient capital of Vietnam, and is noted for its temples and relics of its historic and cultural past. The automobile road between Hue and the seaport of Tourane farther south is of great scenic beauty. Hue may be visited by air or train. The trip by car is difficult at present, but the roads are constantly being improved.

Helpul Information for American in Vietnam

Visa regulations

Newly-arrived Americans who intend to remain in Vietnam usually have a visa good for one month only from the date of arrival. (They should not be misled by the date on the first line of the Vietnamese visa which refers to the period during which the visa may be used for one application for one entry into Vietnam and not the authorized period of stay). Before the expiration date of the entry visa, Americans should apply for a "Carte d'Extension de Séjour" at the Immigrations Service :
115 Vo Di Nguy (formerly Guynemer Street)
Cost of this Carte de Séjour is 10,000 piasters per year for every member of the family age 15 or above, entitles the bearer to establish a temporary residence of indefinite duration, and must be renewed annually.
Each time he wishes to leave Vietnam, an American must first obtain an exit permit, either through the airline shipping company or by appearing in person at the Immigration Service.
One passport-size photograph must be submitted with the application, (except bearers of Diplomatic or Special passeports).

Saigon - The City

Hotel Majestic Saigon Cathedrale Notre Dame Saïgon

Saigon is situated on the west bank of the Saigon River, some 43 miles from the sea. It has an elevation of 25 feet and is approximately 10° north of the equator.
Saigon is the political and economic capital of the Republic of Vietnam. It is in the rich Mekong delta, important for its production of rice and for its rubber and tea plantations, which, prior to World War II, produced sizeable amounts of these commodities. Manufacturing is not an important aspect of Saigon's business life, although rubber goods, soap, chemicals, textiles, tobacco, furniture, foodstuffs, and beverages are produced. In Saigon's neighboring city, Cholon, (population largely Chinese) the milling and marketing of rice are of importance followed by the exportation of duck feathers.
Saigon is an attractive city with boulevards shaded by tall exotic trees. It is certainly one of the cleaner of the Far Eastern cities. There are numerous public parks and what were once French colonial government buildings and residences. Tu Do (formerly Catinat Street), the principal street, has at one end the Hotel Majestic, overlooking the river-front and and its unceasing activity, and at the other, the Catholic Cathedral, situated in a typical spacious French square.
In the intervention blocks are the shops and sidewalk cafes which once gave Saigon the name of "Paris of the Orient". There is continuing increase of enticing goods, perfumes, jewelry, etc..., and the sidewalk cafes attract many visitors. A scant half block from any shaded street one can find all of the fascinating street scenes of Oriental life so compelling to everyone - foreigners, residents, and tourists.

Helpul Information for American in Vietnam

People and Language

Saigonnese with a Solex Cyclo-Pousse Saïgon 1952

Saigon and Cholon now have a combined population of two millions persons, of which some 600,000, mainly Chinese, live in Cholon. The rest of the population, while principally Vietnamese, includes others Asians, Europeans (mostly French), and Americans, giving the city a truly internationa air. The official language are Vietnamese (tonal, resembling Cantonese) and French. Some knowledge of French is essential, if one is to make purchase, locate addresses, and, in general, find one's way about the city. French is spoken in most shops, hotels and restaurants where American would be likely to go. There is a very keen desire among many Vietnamese to learn English, and several English language school are flourishing. A fine way to build friendship with the Vietnamese is to assist in language study.

Saigonnese with a Solex Cyclo-Pousse Saïgon 1952

Left: Local bread delivery.
Right: A Saigon Pedi-Cab driver is commonly called "cyclo".
Law Son (Theater Square), 1953.

Cyclo-Pousse Helpul Information for American in Vietnam

Public transportation

Pedi-cab Saigon Pedi-cab Continental Hotel Saigon

Public transportation includes taxis, bicycles "pousse", and motors "cyclos". Americans consider the non-motorized "pousse" safer than the motor "cyclo", since the latter often travels dangerously fast. One can usually flag a pousse, cyclo, or taxi at any corner. The minimum pousse fare is five piasters ; for example the run from the Majestic Hotel to the Embassy would be five piasters. Motor cyclo fares are somewhat higher. The prudent traveler always carries piasters of small denominations, for seldom does the operator admit having sufficient change. It is wise to settle upon the price before entering anything but a taxi. All the taxis are equipped with meters, but not matter how low these register, the minimum fare is six piasters. The fare is increased 50% from 10 P.M. to 5.A.M.
The fare to the airport is always double that shown on the meter, to insure the driver of a fare back to town, but the fare coming to town from the airport is exactly as shown on the meter.

Taxi Renault Saigon Peugeot Cyclomotor Saigon

Traffic rules

Traffic in Vietnam keeps to the right, and, unless otherwise controlled, traffic coming from the right has precedence and right of way; this includes scooters, motor bicycles and bicycles. Drivers must make themselves familiar with conventional road signs and traffic signals, which are similar to those used in almost all European countries. Speed limits are 25 mph in the city and 40 mph outside the city.
Traffic control as we know it in the States, however, is coming only slowly to Saigon, and the installation of numerous one-way streets, traffic signals and stop signs is a recent development. A word of caution: do not depend upon full observance of the stop signs by others. Many persons do not read and no license is required to operate a bicycle, thus bicyclists are not examined on a knowledge of traffic signs. Right turns are permitted against a red traffic light, or against a traffic policeman's signal, provided the vehicle comes to a full stop. The signals used by the traffic police are not standard American signals, and it is well to learn the former thoroughly before driving.
In case of an accident, drivers of vehicles involved are required to remain at the scene of the accident until the arrival of police. Official bureaus of the U.S. governement have established specific procedures to be followed in the event of an accident; official personnel should become familiar with these before driving.

duong Tu-Do ex rue catinat Saïgon septembre 1955 Renault 4 CV Saigon

Helpul Information for American in Vietnam

Garages in Saigon
Etablissements Jean Comte
(Peugeot, Dodge, Chrysler, Vélosolex)
34 Thong Nhut (Norodom)
Tel. 20257
Garage Charner
(Renault, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Austin)
131-133 Blvd Nguyễn Huệ (Charner) Tel.20423)
Garage Kim Long - S.C.A.M.A. (Ford) 30 Le Loi (Bonard) Tel.21409
S.I.T. Garage (Plymouth, De Soto) 80 De Lattre de Tassigny Tel.20253

Helpul Information for American in Vietnam


Le Marché Central de Saigon

Saigon markets offer a wealth of colour and merchandise, and for the new arrival, a trip to one of them is an adventure.
The "Marché Central Saïgonnais" is quite accessible to the residential area. Under as single roof are stalls where one can buy fish, meats, vegetables, fruits, fabrics, small electrical necessities, brass ware of all types, household equipment, straw articles and many other items.
"Marché Central Saïgonnais" (Halles Centrales), drive out Le Loi (Bonard) four blocks from Tu Do (Catinat). Clock tower identifies this.

Le Marché Central Saïgonnais

Marché Central Saïgonnais

Tan Dinh, Hai Bà Trúng (Paul Blanchy). There are several neighborhood markets such as this one which remain open in the afternoon. All produce, meat and fish sale cease at noon in the main markets.

Tan Dinh Market

Tan Dinh Saigon

The metric system is used-a-kilo is equal to 2.2 pounds.
A local market survey, made by two American women on April 6, 1959, produced the following lists of prices.
They fluctuate somewhat with availability and seasons. An occasional market visit can be helpful with menu planning and keeping up with the kitchen. All the prices are in local currency ; kilos unless noted otherwise.

Artichoke 60-85 $ V.N. kilo
Beans, green 14 $ V.N. kilo
Carrots 12 $ V.N. kilo
Lettuce 20 $ V.N. kilo
Peppers, green 20 $ V.N. kilo
Radishes, red 8 (10 in bunch)
Radishes, white 5
Shallots 6 (1/2 kilo)
Spinach 12 $ V.N. kilo
Tomatoes 10 $ V.N. kilo
Apple, Japanese 30 $ V.N. kilo
Bananas 5 (15 in bunch)
Coconuts 5 (1)
Mandarins 65 $ V.N. kilo
Oranges 5, 7 each
Pamplemousse (grapefruit) 10 each
Papaya 5 each
Pears, Japanese 30 $ V.N. kilo
Pineapple 4-5 each
Mangosteen 12 per dozen
These prices are quoted at a butcher shop of fine reputation and are higher than the market prices
Beef, filet 150 $ V.N. kilo
Rump steack 115 $ V.N. kilo
Lamb, leg 220 $ V.N. kilo
Lamb, chops 180 $ V.N. kilo
Pork, roast 130 $ V.N. kilo
Pork, chops 110 $ V.N. kilo
Veal, cutlets 170 $ V.N. kilo
Crab 20 $ V.N. kilo
Langouste 50 $ V.N. kilo
Langoustine 45 $ V.N. kilo
Shrimp 35-40 $ V.N. kilo
Bar (Bass) 30-40 $ V.N. kilo
Snapper 50 $ V.N. kilo


- Guyonnet (Les Frigorifiques de l'Indochine), 121 Tu Do (Catinat) Tel. 20545
Also has a limited supply of vegetables, cheeses and canned goods.
- G. Brandt (formerly F. Bonelli) 55 Hai Bà Trúng (Paul Blanchy) Tel. 22737
Excellent quality, although more expensive than the markets. Mme Wentzel speaks English and is very helpful. Home deliveries.

Khin Ky 49 Hai Bà Trúng (Paul Blanchy) Tel. 22121
Lien Seng 26-28 Le Loi (Bonard) Corner Tel.20560
Alimentation Générale Thai Thach 58-62 Tu Do (Catinat) Tel.21643

Thai Thach Grocery

Thai Thach Saigon

"Thai-Thach" Grocery 58-62 Tu Do (Catinat)

Caves Algériennes 16-18 Hai Bà Trúng (Paul Blanchy) Tel. 20458
Compagnie Industrielle Laitière
303/1 Ngo Dinh Khoi (General De Gaulle)
Tel. 20560
Thai Thach 58-62 Tu Do (Catinat) Tel. 21643
Ice, Beverages
Brasseries et Glacières de l'Indochine
6 Hai Bà Trúng (Paul Blanchy)
Tel. 20311
Société des Eaux Gazeuses 46 Ben Van Don Tel. 20955

Helpul Information for American in Vietnam

Flowers Market

Flowers Nguyen Hue Boulevard Saigon Flowers Nguyen Hue Boulevard Saigon

Flowers on Blvd Nguyễn Huệ

In Saigon, flowers are expensive and the variety is limited because most of them are brought in from Dalat, 6 hours away by car. Gladioli are available throughout the year; there are also Shasta daisies (quite satisfactory), carnations, zinhias, snapdragons, Easter lilies, chrysanthemims, Vanda orchids, roses and gardenias, in season. Unfortunately, few of these varieties are long-lasting due to the extreme heat.
Flowers market occupies a block on Blvd Nguyễn Huệ (Charner). One is expected to bargain here.
There are a few flower vendor on Duy Tan in back of the Cathedral in the mornings only. Will deliver to the house. Have servants make arrangements.
Unusually attractive French artificial flowers are available at several gift shops along Tu Do (Catinat) as well as in shops across from the flower market on Nguyễn Huệ (Charner).

Indian Stores

One often hears, "You can find it in Indian Store." There are numerous Indian stores scattered throughout Saigon, especially in the Tu Do (Catinat Street) area, operated by merchants from Bombay and Madras. These shops serve a very useful purpose, being stocked with the many small items essential in daily living, including soaps, razor blades, stationnery, powder puffs, face powder, tooth paste, and dozens of other necessities. More and more French perfume is available in these shops. Here also one may purchase the invaluable 6-12 insect repellent in stick form. Many fabric stores are owned by Indians. Some attractive American materials are usually available at reasonable prices although there is not always a wide selection.

Toys and Party Favors

When you need toy's for chidren's birthday parties, inexpensive Japanese toys can be be found in the small shops along Le Loi (Bonard), and Tu Do (Catinat), as well as from the many street vendors.
For party favors, costumes ideas, games and trick novelties, there is "Saigon Surprise", located at the corner of 59 Phan Dinh Phùong (Richaud) and Duy Tan.
Tel 23371.
Novelties and special items can be made to order, most inexpensively.


Prescriptions and most French, Swiss, German and American medecines can be purchased at the drugstores in Saigon. It is suggested that one bring from the U.S. a reasonable supply of those medicines especially needed. Some of the toilets articles and perfumes which are a feature of U.S. drugstores can be found at the Indian stores.

Pharmacie La Thanh (ex J. Mus) 195-201 Tu Do (Catinat) Tel. 20577
Pharmacie de France 109-113 Tu Do (Catinat) Tel.20781
Pharmacie Normale 119-123 Tu Do (Catinat) Tel.20374

Pharmacie de France

Grande Pharmacie de France Saigon Grande Pharmacie de France Saigon

"Grande Pharmacie de France" 109-113 Tu Do (Catinat)
Droguerie Française d'Extrême-Orient
Marcel Mercier - Pharmacien de la Faculté de Paris


The Handicraft Development Center, located at 48 Phan Dinh Phùong (Richaud), soon to relocate at 86 Tu Do (Catinat, ex Courtinat Buiding) offers a large variety of beautiful hand-made Vietnamese items for sale at reasonable prices Here one can purchase articles made of straw, sea grass, bamboo shade screens, pottery, hammocks, upholstery material and other items can be inspected and ordered.
Vietnam is renowned for its lacquer work, examples of which can be seen at many shops on Tu Do (Catinat) and also at the general market. One can also find articles finished in finely-crushed egg shell ; both the lacquer and egg shell pieces are fairly expensive. A visit to representative factories in Thudaumot (about the same distance as Bien Hoa) is most rewarding inasmuch as one can witness the entire lacquering process.

Helpul Information for American in Vietnam

Air Lines
Air France 122-130 Tu Do (Catinat) Tel. 20981-84
Air Laos, Air Cambodge 65 Le Than Ton (Le Loi) Tel. 22102
Air Vietnam 16 Blvd Nguyễn Huệ (Charner) Tel. 21624
CAT 3 Tu Do (Catinat) Tel. 21984
PAA 31 Tu Do (Catinat) Tel. 22618
SAS 11 Nguyen Cong Tru (Lefebvre) Tel. 23441
Swissair 100 Tu Do (Catinat) Tel. Saigon 671
TAI 46 Tu Do (Catinat) Tel. 22044-23904

Air France - T.A.I.

TAI Company Air France Saigon TAI Company

"Air France" 122-130 Tu Do (Catinat)

Helpul Information for American in Vietnam

Shipping Lines
Barber Line, SCF 15 Bến Chương Dương (Quai de Belgique)
American President Line, Alcan Saigon 7 Bến Chương Dương (Quai de Belgique)
East Asiatic Line, SAS 11 Nguyen Cong Tru (Lefebvre) Tel. 23441
Isthmian States Marine, UFEO 35 Blvd Nguyễn Huệ (Charner) Tel. 23221
Maersk Line
Plantations Terres Rouges
236 Cong Ly (General De Gaulle)
Tel. 20338
Messageries Maritimes 46 Tu Do (Catinat) Tel. 22044
States Line, Getz Bros. 26-28 Ham Nghi (Blvd de la Somme)
United States Lines, Denis Frères 31 Tu Do (Catinat) Tel. 22525

Helpul Information for American in Vietnam

Saigon's Mailbox

Saigon mailbox

Saigon's Mailbox

Aux boucles Dorées 76 Blvd Nguyễn Huệ (Charner)
Institut de Beauté (30 piasters plus tip) 142 Tu Do (Catinat)
Monique 56 Tu Do (Catinat)
Nguyen Van Doah 182 Nguyen Kim, Cholon
Beauty Shops
Elysées 61 Le Thanh Ton (Le Loi) Tel. 21075
Mai Ly 5 Truong Minh Giag (Eyraud des Vergnes)
Salon Femina 158 Tu Do (Catinat) Tel. 22448
Yvonne Chossat 42-bis Gia Long (Lagrandière)
Khai Tri (Largely French) 62 Le Loi (Bonard)
The Bookshop 33 Passage Eden
Times of Vietnam 26 Gia Long (Lagrandière) Tel. 25525
Xuan Thu (Portail) French publications 109 Tu Do (Catinat)

Tu Do Cabaret

Cabaret Tu Do Saigon 1962

The gayest Cabaret in Saigon "Tu Do"

Cabarets, Dancing
Arc-en-Ciel 56 Tan Da (Jaccaréo), Cholon
Baccara 5 Truong Minh Giag (Eyraud des Vergnes)
Dai Kim Do (formerly Grand Monde) blvd Dond Khanh (av des Marins), Cholon
Tu Do (formerly La Croix du Sud) 80 Tu Do (Catinat)

Arc-en-Ciel Restaurant - Cabaret in Cholon

Restaurant Arc-en-Ciel Cholon Camion Renault Arc-en-Ciel Cholon

"Arc-en-Ciel" Restaurant - Renault truck

Arc-en-Ciel 56 Tan Da (Jaccaréo), Cholon
Aux Délices 159 Tu Do (Catinat) Tel. 20454
Brodart 131-133 Tu Do (Catinat)
Continental Palace 132-134 Tu Do (Catinat) Tel. 22520
La Pagode 209 Tu Do (Catinat) Tel. 21127
Majestic Hotel 1 Tu Do (Catinat) Tel. 23711-716

Majestic Hotel - Denis Frères

Majestic Hotel Saigon Majestic Hotel Saigon

Foot of Tu Do (formerly Catinat Street), on left the "Majestic Hotel" and on right the "Denis Frères" building.

Catholic Cathedral (French sermon) head of Tu Do (Catinat)
Church of the Redemptoristes Ba Huyen Thanh Quan (Flandrin)
Cité Marie Paul Ba Huyen Thanh Quan (Flandrin)
Seventh Day Adventist Church 12 Chi Lang, Phu Nuan
Dai Nam 79-91 Tran Hung Dao (Galliéni)
Eden Theater (Passage Eden) 183 Tu Do (Catinat) Tel. 23376
Majestic Theater 13-15-17 Tu Do (Catinat) Tel. 20575
Shell Theater (British Theater) 15 Thong Nhut (Norodom)


Film Fantomas Louis de Funes

There are various recretionnal activities in the Saigon area which include golf, swimming, tennis, riding and boating. Some visitors enjoy the colorful native life from the many sidewalk cafes. At night, those in search of bright lights and teeming activity can find it in Cholon, although the more racy type of entertainment of the colonial days has been greatly curtailed under the new admnistration.
A cultural highlight is the occasional visit of outstanding concert artists from the United States and Europe. There is a government-sponsored exhibition hall at 165 Tu Do (Catinat) where local theaters, some of which show American films with French sound tracks. For members of the official American community, movies are schown under the auspices of MAAG at the Alhambra theater There is also the Shell theater showing British films.

Open to members only
Club de Golf 3 miles out Hai Ba Trung (Paul Blanchy)
Cercle Sportif Saigonnais 55 Hong Thap Tu (Chasseloup Laubat)
Cercle Hippique Nguyen Du (Taberd) Tel. 22229
Club Nautique 15 Bến Chương Dương (Quai de Belgique)

Club Nautique

Club Nautique Saigon

Club Nautique, 15 Bến Chương Dương (formerly Quai de Belgique) Saigon.

Hospitals and Medical Services
American Dispensary 161 Nguyen Du (Taberd) Tel. 21859
Clinique Saint-Paul (French) 280 Phan Thanh Gian (Legrand de la Liraye)
Hospital Grall (French) 14 Gia Long Tel. 21723
Institut Pasteur 167 Pasteur (Pellerin) Tel. 23351-2
Saigon Adventist Hospital 12 Chi Lang, Phu Nhuan Tel. 20702
Dr. Henri Besseige Chef of Medecine
Hospital Grall
14 Gia Long
Tel. 21723
Dr. Edwin Brooks Saigon Adventist Hospital Tel. 20702
Dr. Caubet 69 Hong Thap (Chasseloup Laubat)
Dr. Tran Dinh De 160 Blvd Rousseau, Cholon Tel. 37940
Dr. Allan Jones Saigon Adventist Hospital
Dr. Fernand Goerger (Speaks some English) 12 Le Loi (Bonard) Tel. 21267
A.I.N. 15 Nguyen Cong Tru (Lefebre) Tel. 21203
Denis Frères (Lloyd's agent) 2 Tu Do (Catinat) Tel. 20043-4
L.U.CI.A. 135 Blvd Nguyễn Huệ (Charner) Tel. 20166-8

Guillaume Tell Restaurant

Restaurant Le Guillaume Tell Saigon Restaurant Le Guillaume Tell Saigon


"Le Guillaume Tell" is located across Arroyo Chinois, Good Alsatian cooking, air conditionned. Madame Madeleine Leccia welcomes you.
Lunch or dinner, pleasant atmosphere ; rather expensive.
34 Trinh Minh Thê (Jean Eudel) near the "Messageries Maritimes".

Arc-en-Ciel 56 Tan Da (Jaccaréo), Cholon
Aterba (French spoken) 84 Blvd Nguyễn Huệ (Charner) Tel. 23610
Au Perroquet (Couscous every Thurs.) near the Airport
Caruso 12 Vi di Nguy (Guynemer)
Cheong Nam (Charlies's place) 66 Hai Ba Trung (Paul Blanchy)
Continental Hotel 132-134 Tu Do (Catinat) Tel. 22520
Evening in Bombay 39 Tu Do (Catinat)
Givral 169 Tu Do (Catinat) Tel. 22747
Guillaume Tell 34 Trinh Minh The (Jean Eudel) Tel. 91.456
Hang Com Viet Nam 40 Blvd Nguyễn Huệ (Charner)
La Cigale (Southern France specialities) Dinh Tien Hoang (Albert 1st)
Le Relais 4 Ho Huan Nghiep (Turc)
Maison Goulam 311 Gia Long
Majestic Hotel foot of Tu Do (Catinat)
Maya Blvd d'Adran near the Airport
Mayfair 40 Gia Long
Paprika (Spanish specialities) 139 Yen Do (Champagne)
Conga Quay Thu Duc 10 km. from Saigon

Arebea Restaurant

Publicié Restaurant Aterbea Saigon Restaurant Aterbea Saigon

On the photo from left to right "Saigon Garage" and "Aterbea Restaurant" on 84 Blvd Nguyễn Huệ (Charner).

Saigon-Garage Restaurant Aterbea

"Saigon Garage" and "Aterbea Restaurant" and "Flowers market" on Blvd Nguyễn Huệ (Charner).

Helpul Information for American in Vietnam

Health and Sanitation

Saigon is a tropical city with a large population, and all the usual tropical and Oriental health problems are present. City water is treated at the source, but American doctors recommend treating drinking water further, either by boiling for 10 minutes or by using chemicals and filters. Once you are settled in your house, with proper instruction and supervision for the servants, boiling water becomes an automatic procedure. Although most houses have satisfactory sewage disposal, open disposal is common in some sections. For this reason, screening, where practicable, is recommended, together with all possible insect control methods. Malaria is not prevalent in Saigon proper, but precautions must be taken when visiting outlying areas. It is necessary to treat vegetables to be eaten uncooked by soaking them in a solution of potassium permanganate, available at local drugstores in powder form.


Houses is fantastically expensives. Most Americans live in quarters provided by the U.S. Government or other employer, or draw a compensating living allowance. However, existing accomodations do not begin to fill the demand of the growing American community ; consequently, unless one is attached to an agency which provides housing for its personnel, arrival in Saigon can entail a prolonged stay in a hotel. Hotels catering to Americans are the Majestic and the Continental. As both hotels are usually crowed, it is essential to make a reservation well in advance.
Prices are about the same as for second class accommodations in the U.S. The pension plan of room and two meals is customary. Most hostels and restaurants include service charges in their bills, and additionnal tipping is optional. An extra few piasters is the usual reward for exceptional service.
Electric current in Saigon is 110 volt, 50 cycle. Since the voltage can be irregular, depending on the time of day, it is important to have 50 cycle voltage regulators for radios and record players. You are also advised to have these items changed to 50 cycle before leaving the U.S.
Telephone service is tedious because of the inadequacy of the present system. This is gradually being corrected through installing of an automatic system.

Language Study

Teachers of French in Saigon usually have very full teaching schedules at local schools. Americans who know the community can usually assist in finding good French teachers for prospective students.
Classes in Vietnamese are offered at the Vietnamese-American Association:
55, Mac Dinh Chi (Massignes). Tel. 25771.
If the hours are not convenient, the association will supply one with the names of suitable teachers.


Check cashing hours at the American Embassy Annex (for official personnel) are as follows : Monday through Saturday, 8:00 - 11:30, except the last working of the month.
Official personnel can also cash checks at local banks, one of which is across the street from the Annex. The rate of exchange is the same as that of the Embassy. Other than official personnel must establish credit at a local bank before checks can be cashed.
For other than official personnel it may take two weeks to a month to purchase traveller's checks, as personnal checks must be paid by U.S. banks before local banks will issue traveller's check. They may be cashed at the National Office of Exchange in the Majestic Hotel, at the local bank.

Bank of Indochina

Saigon-Garage Restaurant Aterbea

Bank of Indochina (Banque de l'Indochine), Bến Chương Dương (Quai de Belgique).


Although to the new arrival the possibility of engaging a houseful of servants seems a delightful prospect, disillusionment frequently sets in, because of the language barrier, difference in standards, and often American inexperience in handling large staffs of specialized servants. However, patience, perseverance, understanding and humor will go a long way in surmonting the difficulties, and the reward can be eager-to-please, good, loyal servants.
Friends can usually assist in finding servants trough their own household staffs; also, the Embassy bulletin prints ads for those wishing to place servants before departure as well as those seeking new servants.
One may employ either Chinese or Vietnamese servants, but only in rare instances both in the same household, as they are likely to be clashes between the two groups. There are many Chinese servants who speak some English, and have worked for Americans, French or British for several days. Their caste system is rigid, and they do not readily adapt to new household procedures. Vietnamese, trough often less finished servants, are loyal and honest. Once they understand what is desired, they usually try to please.
Physical examinations, especially X-rays, can be performed at the Saigon Adventist Hospital. Servants may also emergency treatment there. The American dispensary does not treat servants, but will be glad to suggest the names of doctors who can do so. The dispensary will also recommend a reliable radiologist to whom you may send your servant. The high incidence of tuberculosis among the local population makes a chest X-ray a necessity. The cost is 300 piasters.
As in most Orientals cities, the usual family household employs three servants as a minimum. These include a cook, a boy or boyesse and a laundress. A family with small children will require a children's nurse (amah) and if you have a large house, an upstairs maid is generally employed. It is sometimes possible to find an individual who can handle the duties of two servants; in this case his wages you may except to pay for your servants. As is usual, wages have risen with the influx of Americans.

Cook $ V.N. 2,000 to $ V.N. 3,000
Boy or boyesse $ V.N. 1,700 to $ V.N. 2,500
Laundress $ V.N. 1,400 to $ V.N. 2,000
Upstairs maid $ V.N. 1,400 to $ V.N. 2,000
Amah $ V.N. 1,700 to $ V.N. 2,500
Gardener Usually hired by the day at $ V.N. 100 a day

At Tet a bonus of a month's salary is given each servant who has been with you a year, and a proportionate sum to those employed a shorter time.
- The Cook's duties include the purchase and preparation of food, of which he keeps a daily account for his employer to check maintenance of a sanitary kitchen; proper care of his equipment and appliances and the preparation and storing of supplies of drinking water. As your health depends upon this servant, it is essential that he be free of communicable disease, and that he faithfully carry out those sanitary measures which you establish.
- The Boy's or Boyesse's duties concern the interior of the house. In addition to cleaning and serving food and drink, this servant performs errands and is responsible for the guardianship of your home and its contents.
- The Laundress duties concern the care of your clothes. Even for a small family, washing, mending and ironing are constant in a hot climate.
- The Amah must be very carefully chosen, both as to health and qualifications. She will be your children's constant guardian and companion. It is essential that she follow your instructions conscientiously.
- The Gardener is usually hired by the day as most residences do not require full time service. He performs odd jobs about the place, as well as being responsible for the general upkeep of the garden area.


Schooling for American children from through first to twelfth grades is provided by the American Community School. Grades 9 through 12 employ the University of California High School Correspondence Courses. Classes under the supervision of qualified American teachers. Some American attend the French kintergartens : "Les Oiseaux" or "Le Jardin des Enfants".
There are various French Lycées in Saigon where instructions is in French. These follow the French curriculum.
Some high school students attend the Brent School (Episcopal) in Baguio (Philippines), which is a co-educational boarding school.

Diplomatic Chanceries and Residences
American Embassy
Tel. 25251
Chancery, 39 Hàm Nghi (blvd de la Somme)
Residence, 234 Hien Vuong (Mayer)
Australian Legation
Tel. 21442
Chancery, Caravelle Buiding, Lam Son
Residence, 149-151 Pasteur (Pellerin)
Belgian Legation
Tel. 23445
Chancery, 26 Gia Long
Residence, 60 Nguyen Du (Taberd)
Cambodian Representation Tel. 22673 40 Truong Minh Giang (E.D.V.)
Chinese Embassy
Tel. 21732
Chancery, 47 Pasteur (Pellerin)
Residence, Yen Do (Champagne)
Danish Legation
Tel. 23441
Chancery, 15 Nguyen Cong Tru (Lefebvre)
Residence, 122 Le Van Duyet (Chanson)
French Embassy
Tel. 21231
Chancery, 138 rue Chasseloup Laubat
Residence, 6 Thong Nhut (blvd Norodom)
German Legation
Tel. 21069
Chancery, 106 Nguyễn Huệ (blvd Charner)
Residence, 122 Le Van Duyet (Chanson)
Indian Consulate General
Tel. 21340
Consulate General, 213 Tu Do (Catinat)
Residence, 21 Ngo Thoi Nhiem (Jauréguiberry)
Indonesian Consulate General
Tel. 23807
Consulate General, 3 Han Thuyen (A. Page)
Residence, 34 Doan Thi Diem (Larégnère)
Italian Legation
Tel. 21858
Chancery, 35 Phu Kiet
Residence, 25 Phuong Khac Khoan (Miche)
Japanese Embassy
Tel. 22673
Chancery, 147 Phan Dinh Phuong (Richaud)
Residence, 150 Phan Dinh Phuong (Richaud)
Korean Embassy
Tel. 23146
Chancery, 107 Nguyen Du (Taberd)
Residence, 107-109 Nguyen Du (Taberd)
Laotian Legation
Tel. 23441
Chancery, 93 Pasteur (Pellerin)
Residence, 181 Hai Ba Truong (Paul Blanchy)
Netherlands Legation
Tel. 24222
Chancery, 16 Duy Tan
Norwegian Consulate
Tel. 20475
Chancery, 37 Han Thuyen (Amiral Page)
Philippine Embassy
Tel. 22869
Chancery, 213 Tu Do 1st Floor (Catinat)
Residence, 20 Ky-Dong (Redemptoristes)
Portuguese Consulate
Tel. 20481
Consulate, 39 Bến Chương Dương
Residence, 216-C Phan Than Gian
Swedish Consulate
Tel. 22695
Consulate, 30 Dai Lo Thong Nhut (blvd Norodom)
Residence, 234 Phan Than Gian
Swiss Consulate
Tel. 22396
Consulate, 30 Dai Lo Thong Nhut (blvd Norodom)
Residence, 2 Duy Tan
Thai Embassy
Tel. 20172
Consulate, 77 Truong Minh Giang (E.D.V.)
Residence, 77 Truong Minh Giang (E.D.V.)

The United States Embassy

American Embassy Saigon 1958 American Embassy Saigon 1958

The United States Embassy in Saigon was first established in May 1950.
The U.S. Embassy was located at 39 Hàm Nghi (formerly Blvd. de la Somme).

Helpul Information for American in Vietnam

International Control Commission
Canadian Delegation
Tel. 21555 or 20111 ext. 60416
Camp Cité Hui Bon Hoa
Résidence, Villa N°1
Indian Delegation
Tel. 21837 or 20111 ext. 60035
Camp Cité Hui Bon Hoa
Résidence, Villa N°5
Polish Delegation
Tel. 20111 ext. 60143
Camp Cité Hui Bon Hoa
Résidence, Villa N°6

The same booklet was also published in Saigon in 1968

Helpul Information for American in Vietnam 1968

Helpul Information for American in Vietnam

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