Taxi Renault 4cv Saïgon

Aigle Azur Indochine

Renault Primaquatre coué Saïgon

Le Boulevard Charner Sagon

Croix-Rouge Française rue Thevenel

Thtre municipal de Sagon

Garage Jean Comte 34 Boulevard Norodom Saïgon

Boulevard Bonard Sagon

Cathedrale Notre Dame Saigon

Simca Aronde sur le Boulevard Charner Sagon

Pagode de Sagon

Femmes Saïgon 1953

La Pharmacie Centrale de Sagon

Renault Fregate & Citroen Traction Saïgon

Enfant sur une Mercedes Sagon

Societe Franco-Khmere de nagigation

Boulevard Charner Sagon

La semaine a Sagon en 1961

Garage Charner Saigon

Alimentation Générale Saigon

Cyclo-Pousse & Citroën 2 CV

Thtre de Sagon

Hôtel Continental Saïgon

Renault Dauphine Vietnam

La Semaine Saïgon

Cyclo-Pousse de Saïgon

jeunes sagonnaises

Cyclistes devant l'Hôtel Continental de Saïgon

Le Theatre de Sagon

Jeune Garçon de Saïgon

Cigarettes Bastos

Bureau des PTT de  Saigon

Souvenir de Sagon

SIMCA 5 Saïgon 1953

Garage Charner Saigon

Savon Viet-nam

Rue Tu Do (ex-Catinat) Sagon

Saci Forges Ateliers et Chantiers Indochine

Mobylette Cady Saigon

Brasseries & Glacières de l'Indochine Bière Royale Cholon

Cinema de Sagon

Depuis le café de la "Pointe des Blagueurs" la station maritime Mobil

Sipeo Distributeur Kodak Saïgon

Solex devant le monument des surs Trung Saigon

Hommes devant la Pharmacie Centrale Solirene bld Bonard Saïgon

Hotel Catinat Sagon

Cigarettes Melia

Magazine Viet-Nam 1959 Saïgon

Saïgon 15 Février 1953

Bière 33 Brasseries et Glacières d'Indochine

Une Renault Dauphine dans une rue de Saïgon

Traction Citroën quai Saigon

Air Vietnam Sagon Paris

La Banque B.N.C.I de Sagon

Jeunes hommes rue Catinat Saïgon

La rue Catinat à Saïgon

Souvenir de Sagon

Peugeot 404 devant le Thtre

Pharmacie Sarreau rue Catinat Saïgon

Le Café "Pointe des Blagueurs Saigon

Citroen DS19 devant le temple Vinh Nghiem

Eden Sports Saïgon

Les commerces de la rue Catinat Saïgon

Cigarettes Melia

Saïgon 15 Février 1953

Marin vietnamien sur un Vélosolex à Saïgon

Femmes Saïgon 1953

Vendeuses sur le bord des quiais de Saïgon

Citroën 2 CV & Vélosolex à Saïgon

Visit fascinating Vietnam

Confection Tailleur Coya Saïgon

Peugeot 403 Break

Cyclo-pousse, Renault 4CV Saïgon-Janvier 70

Manifestation en cyclomoteurs Saïgon 1967

Boulevard Charner Sagon

Cosara Saigon

Un enfant sur un cyclo-moteur

Boulevard Charner au fond l'Hôtet de Ville de Saïgon

Hotel Caravelle Saïgon

Dynard Panhard Saïgon

Terminus des autobus Saigon

Militaires sud-vietnamiens

Hôtel Continental Saïgon

Renault 4CV & Dauphine Boulevard Charner Saïgon

Caffa Saigon

La semaine à Saïgon-Aout 70

Compagnie Aviation-SITA

Enfant sur une Traction Citroën Saïgon

Jeunes hommes rue Catinat Saïgon

Grands Magasins Vien Dong Saigon

Jeunes Filles sur un Solex 3800 Saigon

Lait SucrÉ Concentré Rosy Saigon

La terrasse Cafe Sagon

Soldat devant la rivire Sagon

Hôtel Continental de Saïgon vu de la rue Catinat

Hotel Caravelle Saigon

magasins Vièn Dông

Elephant du Jardin Botanique

Militaires sud-vietnamiens

Boulevard Charner Saigon 1948

Peugeot 203  Sagon

Taxi Renault 4CV Station-Service Schell

Brasserie Hommel Hanoi

Cigarettes Nationales

Palais de Justice de Saïgon

Singe, Voklswagen Combi Vietnam

Devant le Parlement Novembre 1963

Scooter Vespa Saigon

Htel Continental Cyclomoteur Mars 1951

Cinema Bonard Saïgon

Cathedrale Notre Dame Saigon

Marin vietnamien sur un Vélosolex à Saïgon

Taxi Peugeot 202 Saïgon

Sortie d'une cole de Sagon

Air Outre Mer Saigon

Sœur dans un Orphelinat de Saigon

C.A.T.I. Saigon

Htel Continental Taxi Renault

Moped on Bonard Boulevard Saigon

Sagon Photo

Peugeot 403 Bach

Htel de Ville de Sagon et velosolex

Asianis le Pastis de Sagon

Societ des Imprimeries et Librairies Indochichoises Saigon

Peugeot 403 Saigon

La Croix du Sud rue Catinat Saïgon

Le Docteur Irwin S. Leinbach devant son Ambulance Peugeot de l'Hôpital Cho-Ray de Saïgon

Mobylette bleue dans les rues de Sagon

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Good places to go in Saigon
Drapeau francais

Good places to go in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) in 2014

Where to go for a drink or to eat in a nice place in Saigon :

The Hotel Majestic
since 1925

Hôtel Majestic Saïgon Hotel Majestic de Saïgon Cyclo Café Hôtel Majestic Saïgon

The Hotel Majestic, founded in 1925, is one of the most prestigious establishments in Saigon. Numerous celebrities have stayed at this continental hotel such as President Mitterrand who stopped off here during his trip to Vietnam s well as the actress Catherine Deneuve, Prince Andrew, and King Leopold of Belgium.
Cyclocafé a favorite venue for authentic vietnamese cuisine, unlimited views of the street. Serving buffet breakfast : à la carte. Set menu Lunch & Dinner. Ground floor.
The terrace of “Breeze Sky Bar”, located on the 5th floor, affords a magnificent view of port activities on the Saigon River as well as of Catinat Street (now Đồng Khởi).
Every day from 6 pm to 10 pm a gigantic buffet is served with all-you-can-drink wines for $35.

Hotel Majestic 1, rue Catinat Saïgon Vue sur la rivière Saigon depuis la terrasse du Majestic

The Hotel Rex

Hôtel Rex Saïgon Hôtel Rex Saïgon

The Hotel Rex is located where the old Citroën garage used to be across from the old Charnier department store (now Thuong Xa Tax).
On the 5th floor the terrace provides a magnificent panorama of the city with a Filipino orchestra in the evening.

Saigon City Hall from the Rex Charner Department stores now Thuong Xa Tax

The Hotel Continental
since 1880

Hotel Continental Saigon Napoleon Bonaparte Hôtel Continental

Founded in 1880, the Hotel Continental is the oldest establishment in Saigon. It is located on Theater Square and is an institution, with numerous celebrities having atayed there, such as André Malraux, Graham Greene, Lucien Bodart, and Jean Lartéguy...
Despite the nationalization of the hotel in 1975, a statue of Napoleon Bonaparte remains in the reception area, a legacy of its last Corsican proprietor Philippe Franchini..
The Lafayette restaurant (formely Dolce Vita in the 70's and Venezia in 2000) offers a vast choice of Italian and French dishes and beverages.

Le patio de l'Hotel Continental Saigon Restaurant Lafayette Hotel Continental Saigon

The "Grand Hotel"
since 1930

Grand Hotel Saïgon The Saigon Grand Hotel

The Palace Hotel, formerly known as the “Grand Hotel”, was started in 1930 by a Corsican, Patrice Luciani. This establishment would soon be modernized by the construction of a gigantic tower which would be placed alongside of the building, in the manner of the Hotel Caravelle.
The "Belle Vue" restaurant provides a beautiful panorama of Catinat Street (now Đồng Khởi) and the Saigon River.

Hotel Caravelle
since 1958

Hotel Caravelle Saigon Hôtel Caravelle Saigon

Built in 1958, the Hotel Caravelle was renovated in 1998. It is also located on Theater Square (Lam Son), across from the Hotel Continental.
The "Saigon Saigon" bar is located on the 9th floor of the older part of the hotel. It is known for its exceptional view of Saigon, but watch out for prohibitive prices for drinks and much-too-loud music from the orchestra !
Since 1958 the Air-France agency is located on the ground floor of this hotel at the corner of Catinat street (now Dong Khoi).

Air-France-KLM Saigon Angle de la rue Catinat et du boulevard Bonard

"Les 3 Gourmands" restaurant Saigon

Restaurant Les 3 gourmands Saïgon Les Trois Gourmands wine cellar Saigon Le Chef Gils des 3 Gourmands Saigon

After the “Toit Gourmand”, Gils Phuong this restaurant in 2004, “Les 3 Gourmands”, located in the new An Phu district near the “Metro” supermarket. A gastronomic restaurant run by Gils Phuong, the famous chef and owner of this establishment, one of the best tables in Saigon. .
A multitude of delicious dishes prepared by Gils, and an excellent wine list.
Gils the Great Chef of the French cuisine in Saigon !
A place not to be missed during a visit to Vietnam.
Les Trois Gourmands
Quartier 2 Thao Dien An Phu
39 rue Tran Ngoc Dien
Thao Dien Ward, District 2
HCM ville
Tél : (028) 3 7444 585 – 0908 225 884

Restaurant Les 3 Gourmands Saigon Restaurant Les trois Gourmands Saigon Vu du premier étage de l'hôtel des 3 Gourmands Saigon Jardin du restaurant des trois Gourmands Saigon

Augustin restaurant Saigon

Restaurant Augustin Saïgon Restaurant Augustin Saïgon

Augustin restaurant is the "Saigon's bouchon lyonnais" (a bouchon is a type of restaurant found in Lyon, France, that serves traditional Lyonnaise cuisine).
Spécialités :
- Pan- fried duck break with orange sauce .
- Pan-fried salmon fillet with béarnaise sauce .
10D Nguyen Thiep Q1
Tél : + 84 (08) 3829-2941

The Cafe Brodart

Gloria jean's coffe Café Brodart Saigon

The Cafe Bodart no longer exists, it is now part of the Gloria Jean’s chain – a pity!

The "Ciao Cafe"

Cio Café Saïgon Cio Café Saigon

On the first floor of 76 Nguyen Hue Street, the Ciao Café is a very nice restaurant without pretension where one can eat pizza, grilled-cheese sandwiches and numerous European dishes.
Tiger Beer on tap.
Tel : + 84 08 3623 1130

Ciao Cafe Saigon Ciao Cafe Saigon

Pate à Chou

Pat a Chou Saigon Souvenir du beurre Bretel sur l'affiche

From the name of the famous singer Patachou of the '50's and '60's, who took over the management of of a night-club/restaurant that bore her name in Montmartre in Paris.
In February 1998, Ly Doan Vuong and his wife Dô Ngoc Tuong Vân opened the first Pat a Chou located at 65 Ha Ba Trung Street, district 1, Ho Chi Minh City.
"Pat a Chou" became the place in Saigon where, in its numerous shops, one could find all the French tradition of pastry and the manufacture of bread.
"Baguettes", as well as organic bread are henceforth available in Saigon's supermarkets.

Patachou la tradition française Boulangerie Patachou Saïgon

The first shop was located at 65 Hai Bà Trung Street (formerly Blanchy Street), and since then numerous shops have opened in Saigon, notably the one located across from the market with a very nice manager.
10, Phan Bo Châu
Tel : + 84 08 3823 5092

Patachou la tradition française

The "quan an ngon" restaurant

quan an ngo Restaurant quan an ngo Saigon

A very successful, typically Vietnamese restaurant, where it is very difficult to find a place on the weekend.
Specialties are banh xeo (Vietnamese rice pancake), muc xao (pan-fried squid), tom hap dua (Prawns steamed in coconut juice), banh cuon (spring roll).
Beverages: Dalat wine and 333 and Tiger beers.
quan an ngon
138 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street, Q1
Tel : + 84 (08) 3825 7179

"Southern Sturgeon" restaurant

Southern Sturgeon Saigon

A good Vietnamese restaurant with smiling personnel and a good wine cellar. Here, Ricard is only available in 1-liter bottles!

"Ty Coz" restaurant

Restaurant Ty Coz SaïgonRestaurant Ty Coz Ho Chi Minh

French cuisine française with seafood specialities as in Brittany !
178/4, Pasteur Street, Q1
Tel : + 84 (08) 382 224 57


Cio Café Saïgon Cio Café Saigon

On Le Quy Don Street there is a Thai restaurant, the “Spice”. Numerous specialties from this country are served in a décor of French objects from the ‘40’s and ‘50’s.
Beware… the dishes are particularly spicy!
A bottle of Larue beer costs 30000 VND.
The restaurant is located across from the Marie Curie High School.
27, Le Quy Don Street
Tel : + 84 (08) 3930 7873

Curiosities in Saigon

The "Antiques Street"
"Lê Công Kiêu"
Saigon (les Puces) Flea Market

La rue des antiquités Saïgon Jean-Claude Toudy Saigon Flea Market

Less than 400 meters long, Lê Công Kiêu Street is located near the Bên Thàn Market across from the Vé Voà Cong museum.
Many shop owners here, originally from the North, came to live in the South. One of them admitted that the items exhibited in the shops are often nothing but “mediocre” products, the originals being hidden and reserved for loyal clients.
"The world of antique-dealers has its own rules. Certain things are reserved for the regulars, not for just anyone."
It should be noted that genuine antiques cannot be exported and are systematically confiscated by Vietnamese Customs.

The Botanical Gardens

L'éléphant du Jardin Botanique de Saïgon

In the photo on the left a bust of Jean-Baptiste Louis-Pierre located at the entrance of the botanical garden managed to stand up to all the political changes in Vietnam.
In the photo on the right, the bronze statue of an elephant presented by the King of Siam during his visit to Saigon on April 14th, 1930.

The Gardens are located at the north end of Norodom Boulevard (now Lê Duan).
The price of admission is 12,000 VND.
Jean-Baptiste Louis-Pierre (born on the island of Reunion in 1833 and died in Paris in 1905), first worked at the gardens of Calcutta before becoming the Director of the Botanical Gardens of Saigon from 1865 to 1877.

Jardin Botanique de Saïgon

Outside Saigon

The "Ba Duc" restaurant in the Mekong Delta

Restaurant Ba Duc Restaurant Ba Duc

In the Mekong Delta, near a floating market, 110 kilometers from Saigon and 70 kilometers from Cantho, is an old house that can only be reached by boat.
Lunch al fresco in a grove of giant grapefruit trees with the local specialty: “Elephant Ear Fish”.

"David restaurant " in Vung Tau (Cap Saint-Jacques)

Restaurant David Vung Tau Restaurant David Vung Tau

The city of Vung Tau (formerly Cap Saint-Jacques) is located on the South China Sea 60 kilometers from Saigon by hydrofoil or 120 kilometers by road.
The “David” restaurant is run by an Italian chef with all the meat and fish specialties and a large selection of Italian wines, notably Sicilian wine by the ½ liter carafe.
The restaurant is down from the lighthouse and across from the dock.
130 rue Ha Long
Ward 2
Vung Tau
Tél : + 84 064 3856612

Phare Cap Saint-Jacques Vung Tau Port du Cap Saint-Jacques Vung Tau

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