Place Francis Garnier

En Pousse-Pousse devant le Cathdrale Notre-Dame de Saïgon

La Cathédrale Notre Dame Saigon

Rue de Sagon

Savon Vietnam

Air Vietnam Saïgon

Marin français à Saïgon

Salon de Thé La Pagode Saïgon

Peugeot 404 devant le Thtre

Cyclo-Pousse & Citroën 2 CV

Indochinoises en vlos

Chausures Bata Saigon

Mariage à Saïgon 15 Janvier 1963

La semaine a Sagon en 1961

Peugeot 203

Cigares Mlia

Etablissements Olympic Saigon

Saigon Garage Simca Berliet Studebaker

Cigarettes Melia

La Poste de Sagon

Camions Cosara de Sagon

Simca Aronde sur le Boulevard Charner Sagon

Taxi Renault 4 CV de Sagon

Simca 5, Catinat Street Saigon

Indochine Sud-Est Asiatique 1953

Paris Tissus

Thtre municipal de Sagon

Paris Tissus

Vue sur Sagon depuis l'htel Caravelle

Savon Viet-nam

Htel de Ville de Sagon

Sipeo Kodak Saigon

Etudiants Vietnamiens sur la place Francis Garnier Saïgon

Rue Catinat en 1946

Rizeries Indochinoises Haïphong

Gendarmes Saigon Indochine

Le SO30 Bretagne Cosara Saigon

Renault Fregate & Citroen Traction Saïgon

Cigarettes Cotab Cholon

Manifestation en cyclomoteurs Saïgon 1967

Femmes Saïgon 1953

Rhum Rival L.Berthet Saïgon

Brasserie Hommel Hanoi

Etablissement Lucien Berthet Catinat Saïgon

Journal de Saigon

Hôtel de Ville Saïgon  Ford Vedette Citroën Traction

Jeunes Vietnamiennes Saigon

La Pagode Saïgon

Avion Taxi Indochine

Citroen DS19 devant le temple Vinh Nghiem

Citroën 2 CV & Vélosolex à Saïgon

Rex Hotel, Renault 4 CV, Velosolex, Traction Citroën

Simca 8 Saigon-Garage

Cigares Mlia

Rue commercante de Sagon

Le Boulevard Charner Sagon

Les Bonnes Adresses de Saigon

Hotel Saïgon Palace

Hôtesse d'Air Vietnam

Bueau de la Poste de Cholon

Couple Saigonnais avril 1962

Boulevard Charner Sagon

Boisson Bireleys Saïgon

Vietnamien devant la pharmacie Solirene Saïgon

Les Bonnes Adresses de Saigon

Souvenir de Sagon

Nouveautés Catinat Saïgon

SIMCA 5 Saïgon 1953

Le Grand Monde Miss Saigon 1954

Groupe Scolaire Jaureguiberry

Plan de Saigon

Cathedrale Notre Dame Saigon

Peugeot 403  Sagon

Dynard Panhard Saïgon

Mariage Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Saïgon 1952

Savon Vietnam Saigon

Cinema Bonard Saigon

Le boulevard Bonard depuis la place du Théâtre

La semaine Saigon avril 1967

Gendarmes Saigon Indochine

Clinique du Cheveu Saigon

Au Printemps Saïgon

Air France Saigon

Htel de Ville de Sagon et velosolex

Htel Majestic Sagon

Couple Cafe Givral Saigon

Catinat cine Saïgon

Charcutier Au Petit Saint-Antoine Sagon

Au Printemps Saïgon

Mobylettes Velosolex Saigon

La Maison Brodart, rue Tu Do saigon

Catinat cine Saïgon

Velosolex devant le Parlement Novembre 1963

Htel Majestic

Boulevard Charner Sagon

Cafe Givral Saigon 2010

La Maison Brodart, rue Catinat

Femmes devant chez Brodard Saïgon 1953

Societé Indochinoise de Transports Saigon

Htel Continental Taxi Renault

Boulevard Charner au fond l'Hôtet de Ville de Saïgon

Cigarettes Melia

Couple Saigonnais

Indochine Sud Est Asiatique

Bière 33 Brasseries et Glacières d'Indochine

La Pagode Saïgon

Colette et son velosolex devant le Cafe Givral Saïgon

Rivoire et Carret Saigon

Velosolex 3800 Saigon

Sortie d'une cole de Sagon

Magasins Courtinat Saïgon 1952

Sita Saigon

jeunes sagonnaises

Etablissements Olympic Saigon

Grande Pharmacie de France à Saïgon

Biere Larue Vietnam

Sud Est Asiatique Indochine

Souvenir de Sagon

Htel Continental Cyclomoteur 23 Juin 1947

Vue aérienne de Cholon

Souvenir de Sagon

Deux moines à Saïgon Air France

Trafic dans Saigon

Le Thatre de Sagon en 1946

Les Bonnes Adresses de Saigon

Souvenir de Sagon

Croix-Rouge Française rue Thevenel

La semaine à Saïgon-Aout 70

Vietnamienne avec un velosolex 45

Publicité Optrex Saïgon 1957

Centre Ville de Saïgon

Boulevard Charner au fond l'Hôtet de Ville de Saïgon

Vue arienne sur Sagon

Gendarmes Saigon Indochine

Bureau de Poste PTT de Saigon

Boulevard Charner au fond l'Hôtet de Ville de Saïgon

Peugeot 203  Sagon

Cathedrale Notre Dame Saigon

Optician Michaux Saigon

Hotel Caravelle place Law-Son, rue Tu Do Saigon

Hotel Continental Saïgon

Sagonnaises sur un pont sur le Mkong

Jeunes Saïgonnaise rue Catinat

Le Docteur Irwin S. Leinbach devant son Ambulance Peugeot de l'Hôpital Cho-Ray de Saïgon

Derrire la cathdrale de Sagon

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Drapeau français


Francis Garnier

Portrait de Francis Garnier

Francis Garnier , born on July 25th, 1839 in Saint Etienne, was a naval officer and French explorer. After completion of the Naval Academy in 1857 he traveled to Brazil and the South Seas. He set off for China in 1860 and remained there for 2 years. Assigned to Admiral Leonard Victor Charner, he took part in the capture of Peking in October of 1860. He returned to Cochin China in 1863 and was put in charge of the administration of the city of Cholon.
He would continue his explorations of the upper Mekong watershed. He had spent several months exploring Yunnan and Tibet alone when he was recalled by Rear-Admiral Dupré, then Governor of Cochin China, for a pacification operation in Tonkin, and arrived in Hanoi in November of 1873.
He would be killed and decapitated on December 21st, 1873, during an attack on the Pavillions Noirs, (a group of Chinese Irregulars operating in Indochina against the French).


Francis Garnier Square
or Theatre Square
in 1955 Lê Loi Lam Son Square

La place Francis Garnier depuis le Théâtre Municipal La place Francis Garnier depuis le Théâtre Municipal

Photos taken from the Municipal Theater.

Place Francis Garnier depuis le rond-point Charner Bonard Saigon Place Francis Garnier depuis le rond-point Charner Bonard Saigon

Photos taken from the corner of the Bonard Boulevard and Charner Boulevard.


The first prize in a drawing:
A Renault Prairie Colorale
on Francis Garnier Square.

Renault Prairie-Colorale Saigon

French soldiers posing before the grand prize of a drawing in 1951:
A Renault Prairie-Colorale (a contraction of the words COLOniale and ruRALE).


Corner of the Garnier Square
(Lê Loi in 1955)
and Charner Boulevard
(now Nguyễn Huệ)

Rond-point Charner-Garnier Saïgon

Left to right in the photo: The Saigon Grocery Store, the shopping gallery, the “Brasserie de la Paix”, the Havas agency, and the Givral café.

Le théâtre de Saïgon

Saigon Grocery Store

Epicerie Saïgonnaise Lien Seng

Grocery Lien Seng
28, Francis Garnier Square
Tel : 20.930

Epicerie Saïgonnaise Lien Seng

After 1955
Hãng Liên-Seng

Hãng Liên-Seng


Bijouterie Daco Saigon

Daco Jewelry
1, Lê Loi Bld (after 1955) Eden Passage

Brasserie de la Paix

Brasserie de la Paix Saigon Brasserie de la Paix Saigon

18, Francis Garnier Square

Place Francis Garnier Saigon

Old woman sweeps away the leaves in front of some modern French buildings .

Havas Far-East

Agence Havas Saigon

Havas Far-East
16, Francis Garnier Square
Tel : 21446

Agence Havas Saigon

Vietnameses students

Etudiants Vietnamiens sur la place Francis Garnier Saïgon

Vietnameses students on Francis Garnier Square Mai 25 1953.

Francis Garnier Square
became Lê Loi in 1955

La place Francis Garnier Lê Loi Saigon

Thanh Bach Restaurant

Le restaurant Thanh Lê Loi Saigon

In the beginning of the sixties, the Thanh restaurant was located near the Vinh Cinema on Lê Loi Street (formerly Garnier Square), and was frequented by Vietnamese youth; the other restaurant on this street was the Kim Son. Westerners at this time preferred the establishments on Tu Do Street (formerly Catinat Street), such as Brodart, Givral, The Pagoda, and of course The Continental.

Eugène Dassier - Import - Export

Eugene Dassier Saigon

Eugène Dassier -SEMI Agent - Import - Export
12, Francis Garnier Square
Mr Dassier was the former manager of the AVIAT garage in Hanoi

Corner of
Đường Đồng Khởi (ex rue Tu Do et Catinat)
et Lê Lợi (ex place Francis Garnier)

Rue Tu Do Saïgon

Lê Loi
(Francis Garnier Square)

Lê Loi Saïgon

Corner of the Catinat Street
and Francis Garnier Square

Angle de la rue Catinat et place Francis Garnier Saigon

The Solirène Pharmacy

Pharmacie Solirene et Hotel Continental Saigon

On the right in the photo, the Solirène Pharmacy was built in 1879 and closed its doors in 1950, to give way to a five-story apartment building and the creation of “Le Givral” restaurant. Known by all the war correspondants from 1950 to 1975, it was located across from the famous Hotel Continental.
The apartment building, as well as the rest of the mall was torn down at the end of 2010.

1950 construction
of the apartment building with the future Givral

Givral Saigon


Givral Saigon

"Givral: A treat unmatched... "
This restaurant was located at 169 Catinat Street.


Catinat Novelties
founded in 1887 by Lucien Berthet

Etablissement Lucien Berthet Catinat Saïgon Etablissement Lucien Berthet Catinat Saïgon Etablissement Lucien Berthet Catinat Saïgon Rhum Rival L.Berthet Saïgon Nouveautés Catinat Saïgon

Old house ... Good Reputation!
Berther Lepine and Charpentier brothers, successors
At the corner of Catinat Street and Francis Garnier Square
Tel : 21.285
This store closed in August of 1955!
The famous store, “Aux nouveautés Catinat”, located at the corner of Theater Square Street and Catinat Street was transformed into a news hall. This bazaar belonged to Le Van Vien. A loudspeaker on the front façade broadcasts official news and patriotic songs all day long. .
Le Combattant d'Indochine
September 1955

(now Louis Vuitton !)

Corner of the Francis Garnier Square
and Charner Boulevard

Saigon Garage

Across from the Saigon Grocery Store was the Saigon Garage Havas, the Simca specialist for South Vietnam.

Citroën 2 CV & Vélosolex à Saïgon

Saigon Garage

Saigon Garage Simca Berliet Studebaker Simca 8 Saigon-Garage

(S.E.I.C.) "Saigon Garage"
Head office: 11/23, Francis Garnier Square (Charner Boulevard)
Branches: Phnom Penh and Dalat
Manager: Mr.Desmond

Place Francis Garnier Saïgon


Lê Loi Street (formely Francis Garnier Square)
between Tu Do and Nguyễn Huệ in the 60's

Lê Loi Saïgon 1961Lê Loi Saïgon 1961 Lê Loi Saïgon 1970 Lê Loi Saïgon 1961 Lê Loi Saïgon 1970


ARVN War Memorial

ARVN War memorial, Peugeot 203, Citroën Ami 6 ARVN War memorial ARVN War memorial

The ARVN Marines statue was located right in front of the National Assembly or today's Municipal Theater on Lê Loi.
It was toppled after 1975 and replaced by the statue of mother and child.


Pigneau de Behaine Square
in 1955 Hoà Bin Square
in 1963 John F. Kennedy Square
To dy Công xã Paris
(Paris Commune Square)

Pousse-Pousse devant la cathedrale Notre-Dame

Cyclistes devant la cathedrale Notre-Dame

La sortie de la messe le dimanche 16 octobre 1948

Cathedral of Notre Dame

La cathedrale Notre-Dame Saïgon

The Bishopric of

L'évêché de Saïgon

TheBishhop of Adran

L'évêque d'Adran

Monsignor Pigneau de Béhaine, Bishop of Adran with Prince Canh in the 18th century. This statue was on Notre Dame Cathedral Square during the French period in Vietnam.


Marriage at the
Cathedral of Saigon

Mariage Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Saïgon 1952

Celebration of the marriage of Mr. and miss Lesponne Andrée Bernard in the Cathedral of Notre Dame on Saturday, April 19, 1952.


Foray Square

The Boy Landry Company

Boy Landry Saïgon Les établissements Boy Landry Saïgon

Near the Theater at 15-17 Foray Square (formerly Theater Square) is located the "Boy Landry".
"Boy Landry Company is specialized in the importation of wines and spirits as well as manufactured goods.
Companies represented:
- Bordeaux Wines: Ginestet, Schroeder et Schyler, Gauthier Frères.
- Alsatian Wines: Cornaz.
- Calvados: from the Auge valley.
- Liqueurs : Dolfi, Vielle Cure de Cenon.
- Champagne : Pol Roger, Mercier.
- Aperitifs : Berger, Saint-Raphaël, Picon, Pikina, Bonal, Cinzano.
- Rum Saint-James.
- Cider: Ma Normandie.
- Syrups: Cusenier
- Perfums: Roger et Gallet
- Cigarettes and rolling-papers: Job
- Records, Phonographs, and Radios: Pathé-Marconi
President, CEO : Mr.René Victor Manaut (ancien Ministre)
Manager for Indochina : Mr.Rollet
Agency heads:
Mr.Bouges (Saigon), Mr.Gellé (Phnom Penh), Mr.Tuylagarde (Hanoi)

Champagne Mercier Saigon Les vins de Boy Landry Saigon Roger & Gallet Saigon Pathé Marconi Saigon


Au Baccara

Au Baccara rue Catinat Saïgon

165, Testard Street (Trân-quy-Cap)
This night Club was owned by Jean-Baptiste Andréani

Les Bonnes Adresses de Saigon

Come and relax at the Baccara Night Club
Janine et Yvon
The two new stars direct from Paris
will entertain you with their French, Italian, and American songs.
The Cabaret opens at 7 p.m.

Le Baccara rue Catinat Saïgon


Auberge du Vieux-Moulin
(The Inn of the Old Mill)

Auberge du Vieux Moulin Dakao

Chef Jean Riot
"An Inn of France, A talented chef "
9 - 11 Dakao Square
Tel: 21.051

La Cigale
(The Cicada)

La Cigale Dakao

The best Saigon evening during the sixties.
18 Dinh-Tiên-Hoàng (formerly Albert the 1st Street)
Tel : 95.018 later 21.431

La Cigale Dakao

Restaurant la Paix

La Paix Dakao

Restaurant La Paix (Hoa-Binh).
44 - 46 Dinh-Tiên-Hoàng (formerly Albert the 1st Street)
Tél : 21.431


Lavande Saigon

Lacquered art works, ivory, antiques from China, silk-painting.
10, Carabelli street
(now Nguyên Thiêp)

Lavande Saigon

A la bonne fourchette

Restaurant â la bonne restaurant Saigon

A la bonne fourchette
10, Ngo Duc Ke (formerly Brother Denis Street)
Tel : 22.325

The Post Office :

Le Bureau des P.T.T. de Saïgon Le Bureau des P.T.T. de Saïgon

The main Post Office was built in 1891 by Alfred Foulhoux and Henri Vildieu. It represents the link with the metropolis (Paris). At the beginning of colonialisation its role is even greater: the telegraph plays a determining role in the transmission of military orders and the coordination of operations.
In 1872, the line linking the capital to Cape St. Jacques was extended by an underwater cable to Singapore. The metal framework of the building was designed by Gustave Eiffel.
On either side of it are two maps. It is the largest Post Office in Vietnam and one of the most beautiful in the world.
Tel : standard all services 21.996 to 21.998

Bureau des PTT de Saigon Bureau de Poste PTT de Saigon Bureau de Poste PTT de Saigon

Good addresses in

Les Bonnes Adresses de Saigon


Au Printemps Saïgon

117-b, Lê Thanh Tôn
To be beautiful and elegant, there is only:
Diplômée de l'Oréal de Paris

Au Printemps

Au Printemps Saïgon Au Printemps Saïgon

164, Gia Long Street
(now Ly Tu Trong)
As in Paris "Au Printemps" Department Store existed in Saigon

Kitchener Boulevard
Nguyên Thai Hoc Boulevard

Boulevard Lord Kitchener Saïgon

Kitchener Boulevard's bus station

Kitchener Boulevard Saïgon

On the road to Cauonglanh

Grall Hospital

14, Bên Viên Nhi Dông Hai Street
(formerly Lagrandière formerly Gialong)
Tel: 21.723 and CA.498

Hopital Grall Saigon

Clinique Saint-Paul

Clinique Saint-Paul Saïgon

280, Legrand de la Liraye Street
(now Diên Biên Phú)
Tel: 20.469

Red Cross

Croix Rouge Française Saïgon Croix-Rouge Française rue Thevenel

38, Thevenel Street
(now Tú Xuong)
Tel: 20.434

The Carpriccio

The-capriccio Saigon

Restaurant - Bar
46, Hô Huân Nghiêp Street (formerly Turc Street)
Tel : 21.318

The Trung sisters

Les soeurs Trung saigon Les soeurs Trung saigon

The Trung sisters, known in Vietnamese as Hai Bà Trung (literally "the 2 Trung ladies").
Trung Trac and Trung Nhi are two historical characters who victoriously repelled the Chinese attacks on Vietnam in the year 39.
Today they are considered to be national heros at the same level as Joan of Arc, and are revered as the instigators of the first resistance movement.
The statues of the two sisters in Bach Dang, across from Hai Bà Trung Street near the Saigon River, the older sister facing south her right hand on her sword and her left one holding her sister's right hand who is holding her left hand to her forehead the better to see what is happening in the North..

Les soeurs Trung Bach Dang Saigon

This statue was turned down on November 1st, 1963, because it was a favorite of Madame Nhu (Tran Lê Xuân).


Farewell to Eden Passage and Givral Restaurant in 2010

Givral Restaurant Saigon 2010 Givral Restaurant Saigon 2010


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