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Jeunes vietnamiennes

Grand Hotel Saïgon

Le Café "Pointe des Blagueurs Saigon

Taxi Renault 4 CV de Sagon

publicit Coca-Cola Saïgon

Aigle Azur Indochine

Velosolex & Vespa Saïgon

Aroport de Sagon

Hôtel Continental de Saïgon

Camionnette Renault avec une saïgonnaise

Carrefour Renault-Dauphine Volkswagen Coccinnelle Saïgon

Sagon Photo

Foyer du Soldat et du Marin Saigon

Le Boulevard Charner

Ligne Saigon-Cholon

Vendeuse dans une ruelle de Saïgon

Manifestation dans Saïgon

STCI Transitaire Saigon

Le Jardin d'enfants de la Rue Catinat

Peugeot 403 Break

Ford Vedette Saïgon

La Cathédrale Notre Dame Saigon

Vue arienne sur Sagon

Renault 10 Vietnam Cong Ty Saïgon

Peugeot 403 Bach

Sœur dans un Orphelinat de Saigon

La Cathedrale Notre Dame Saigon

Le Maréchal Foch à quai des Messageries Maritimes de Saïgon

Etablissement Lucien Berthet Catinat Saïgon

Garage Jean Comte 34 Boulevard Norodom Saïgon

Un Douglas C-54 Skymaster Air France sur l'aéroport de Saïgon

Rue de Sagon

Boulevard Charner Sagon


Pharmacie Nguyen-Van-Cao Saïgon

Cathedrale Notre Dame Saigon

Cinema de Sagon

Femmes Vietnamiennes devant le Garage Charner Saïgon

Groupe Scolaire Jaureguiberry

Hôtel de Ville Saïgon  Ford Vedette Citroën Traction

Le Docteur Irwin S. Leinbach devant son Ambulance Peugeot de l'Hôpital Cho-Ray de Saïgon

Rue Catinat en 1946

Manifestation dans Saïgon

Epicerie Kinh Ky Saigon

Jeunes filles dans un taxi Lambretta de Saïgon

Solex Famililal à Saïgon

Rizeries Indochinoises Haïphong

Hotel Continental Saigon

La terrase d'un café de Saïgon

La rivière Saïgon

La semaine a Sagon en 1961

Aroport Tan Son Nhut Sagon

ARVN War memorial, Peugeot 203, Citroën Ami 6

Cigarettes Cotab Cholon

Manifestation dans Saïgon

Palace Hotel Saïgon

Cigarettes Mic Extra Cholon

Saigonnaise Ao Dai Saigon

Mobylettes bleue Sagon

Arrêt des autobus Boulevard de la Somme à Saïgon en 1946

Biere 33 Export Saigon

Tramway de Saïgon

Camion Renault Saïgon

Citroen DS19 devant le temple Vinh Nghiem

ARVN War memorial, Peugeot 203, Citroën Ami 6

Jeunes Sagonnaises sur la rue Catinat

Carrefour du Centre Ville de Saïgon

Aigle Azur Saigon

Avions Taxis d'Indochine janvier 1948

Agence Havas Saigon

Le marchand de glaces Ple Nord  Sagon

Cinema Van Cam

Vietnamiennes sur un Velosolex Saïgon

Hôtel Continental de Saïgon vu de la rue Catinat

Pan Am makes the going great...Saïgon

Brasseries et Glacières Indochine Saigon

Centre ville de Saïgon

Htel Majestic

Taxis Renault 4 cv Saïgon

Souvenir de Sagon

Le Monuments des Soldats détruit en 1975

Notre Dame Cathedral Saigon

Peugeot 404 devant le Thtre

Enfants dans la rue Catinat

Peugeot 203 Saigon

Une Renault Dauphine dans une rue de Saïgon

policiers de Saïgon

Transports Indochinois Saigon

Souvenir de Sagon

Jeune Fille de Saïgon

Cosara Saigon 1953

Vue arienne sur Sagon

Etablissements Jean Comte Sagon

Boulevard Bonard Saigon

Cigarettes Mic Extra Cholon

En Solex 2200 à Saïgon

Pharmacie Sarreau rue Catinat Saïgon

Air Vietnam Saigon Paris

Arroyo chinois de  Saïgon

Renault Dauphine Mobylettes

Societ des Imprimeries et Librairies Indochichoises Saigon

Vue arienne sur Sagon

La sortie de la messe le dimanche 16 octobre 1948

jeunes sagonnaises

Bastos la cigarette de qualité

Hippodrome de Saïgon

La Banque East Asia

Militaires sud-vietnamiens

Peugeot 203  Sagon

Depuis le café de la "Pointe des Blagueurs" la station maritime Mobil

Cathedrale Notre Dame Saigon

Vue aérienne de Cholon

Femmes Vietnamiennes devant le Garage Charner Saïgon

Plan de Saigon

Sagonnaises sur les trottoirs de Saïgon

Cigarettes Nationales

Vendeuse dans les rues de Saïgon

Cercle Sportif de Saïgon

Cyclistes devant l'Hôtel Continental de Saïgon

Un enfant sur un cyclo-moteur

Rue Tu Do (ex-Catinat) Sagon

Halles Centrales de Saïgon

College Chasseloup Laubat

Cyclo-Pousse Saigon

Groupe Scolaire Jaureguiberry

Le Café "Pointe des Blagueurs

Boulevard Tong-Doc-Phuong au fond Hippodrome de Phu Tho Saigon

Le velosolex au Vietnam

Jeune Vietnamienne

Saïgon in 1973

Marchandes de Sagon

Asianis le Pastis de Sagon

Jeune Garçon de Saïgon

ARVN War memorial, Peugeot 203, Citroën Ami 6

Velosolex sur le boulevard Charner Saïgon

Boulevard Charner au fond l'Hôtel de Ville de Saïgon

Savon Viet-nam

Rue Catinat

Hôtel Continental Saïgon

L'Hôtel & cafe International Mexico de Saïgon

Charcutier Au Petit Saint-Antoine Sagon

Htel Majestic Sagon

Htel Majestic Sagon

Policiers sud-vietnamiens

Hotel Caravelle place Law-Son, rue Tu Do Saigon

Restaurant Kim Long, Renault 4 cv Saïgon

Htel Continental Cyclomoteur Mars 1951

Les Halles Centrales Saïgon

Saïgon in 1973

Enfant sur une Mercedes Sagon

Femmes devant le magasin de Lucien Berthet Saïgon en 1953

Taxi Cyclomoteur Saïgon

Taxi Peugeot 202 Saïgon

Hotel Rex, Renault 4 CV, Velosolex, Traction Citroën Saigon 1966

Bonard Boulevard Saigon

Boulevard Bonard Saigon

Cyclomoteur-Taxi Sagon

Boulevard Charner au fond l'Hôtel de Ville de Saïgon

Velosolex et Camion Citroen Saigon

vendeuse ambulante

Port de Saïgon en 1952

Solex Mobylettes Sachs Saigon

Imprimeries et Librairies Indochinoises Saïgon

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Drapeau francais

Bonard Boulevard (now Lê Lợi )

Bonard Boulevard from the Theater

Named after the first Governor-Admiral of Cochin-China, appointed by Emperor Napoleon III from November 30th ,1861 to October 16th, 1863.


Boulevard Bonard Saigon Boulevard Bonard Bonard Boulevard Saigon

- at 20 Bonard Boulevard
Nam Anh Limited
Radio & Electricity shop


Ford Vedette Saïgon Ford Saigon

- 28-39 Bonard Boulevard
SCAMA Garage "Ford Vedette"

Le Rond-Point Charner Bonard

Corner of the Bonard Boulevard and Charner Boulevard

Corner of the Bonard Boulevard and Charner Boulevard Saigon
Boulevard Bonard Saigon Coin du boulevard Bonard Saïgon Bonard Boulevard Saigon

Kim Long Restaurant
and Nightclub Bong Lai

Restaurant Kim Long, Renault 4 cv Saïgon Restaurant Kim Long, Simca Aronde Saïgon Le Loi Boulevard Saïgon

The excellent chinese restaurant "Kim Long" was located on Bonard (Lê Loi) Boulevard.

ARVN War memorial

ARVN War memorial, Peugeot 203, Citroën Ami 6 ARVN War memorial ARVN War memorial

The ARVN Marines statue was situated right in front of the National Assemby or today's Municipal Theater.
It was toppled after 1975 and replaced by the statue of mother and child.

Grand Pharmacy of Saigon Nguyen-Van-Cao

Pharmacie Nguyen-Van-Cao Saïgon

- 120-124 Bonard Boulevard

Bonard theater

Cinema Bonard Saïgon

- 121, Bonard boulevard

Polyclinic Dejean de la Bâtie

Polyclinique Dejean de la Bâtie

- 125 Bonard Boulevard

The Casino de Saigon (now Kem Bach Dang)

Citroën Traction et Ford Vedette sur le boulevard Bonard à Saïgon

- the "Casino de Saïgon" is located at the corner of Bonard Boulevard (Le Loi ) and Pellerin Street (Pasteur).

The Central Market (now Ben Thanh)

Saigon Central Market in 1950
Saigon Central Market in 1950 Marché central Saïgon Marché central Saïgon 1953

The Central market is located at the corner of Boulevard de la Somme and Boulevard Bonnard, to the right of the station on Eugène Cuniac Square. It was built in 1914 by a French company based in Saigon, at 48, Richaud Street; the “Brossard and Mopin” Company. This building is still the used as a market, it has four main doors, (east, west, north, and south), and the latter with its clock tower has become the current symbol of Ho Chi Minh City.
The “Brossard and Mopin” Company carried out many construction projects in Indochina such as the Hon Gay coal mines railroad, infrastructures on the Viétry railroad at Lao Kay, on the Yunnan railroad; the station at Hanoi; 6000 meters (3.7 miles) of wharves in Saigon harbor; headquarters buildings such as that of the Bank of Indochina; the first 4- and 5-story apartment buildings on Catinat Street, as well as large-scale projects in China and Singapore

Derrière le Marché Central à Saïgon Marché Central de Saïgon Marché central Saïgon

Market Square

La Place du Marché à Saïgon La Place du Marché Renault 4 CV Saïgon

On the left the bus station, at the center the dance hall "Le Tabarin" located in Bourdais Street, on the right the railway station.
On the right the Market Square (Ben Thanh).


Norodom Boulevard
(now Lê Duẩn)

On August 1st, 1863, King Norodom of Cambodia asked for France's help to avoid takeover by Siam (now Thailand) and Annam (now Vietnam).
By the protectorate treaty, King Norodom the 1st prohibits any relationship with a foreign power without France's approval, and a general resident is established in Pnom Penh. In 1887 Cambodia became part of French Indochina.

Norodom Palace (Gouvernor's Palace)

Palais du Haut Commissariat à Saïgon

The original Palace was built between 1868 and 1873 by the French, following plans by the architect Hermitte, and in a neo-baroque style that was very Napoleon III. Under the Second Empire and the Third Republic, it was first used as the Governor's residence (Norodom Palace), then as that of the Governor-General of French Indochina.

Independance Palace

Palais de l' Indépendance Saïgon

In 1954 France turned the palace over to Ngo Dinh Diem and it became the seat of government as well as the Presidential Palace of the Republic of South Vietnam. The palace was severely damaged in 1962. Ngo Dinh Diem ordered it to be torn down and commissioned its reconstruction by Vietnamese architect Ngö Viêt Thu. Ngo Dinh Diem was assassinated in November of 1963 by a military coup, and the new Palace of Independence would be completed in 1966 and would remain the seat of the South Vietnamese government until April 30th, 1975, and was where the tanks broke down the gates. It is now called the Palace of Reunification.

The Zoo

Jardin Botanique de Saïgon L'éléphant du Jardin Botanique Le Zoo de Saigon

This boulevard starts in front of the Norodom Palace and passes behind Notre-Dame cathedral to open onto the Botanical and Zoological gardens, founded in 1865 by French botanist Jean-Baptiste Louis Pierre with over a thousand species of plants.

The Botanical Garden

L'éléphant du Jardin Botanique Le Pont de l'Avalanche Saigon

The Avalanche Bridge

Blanchard de la Brosse museum
"Vien Bao Tang Lich Su"
now Vietnam History Museum

Musée Blanchard de la Brosse Saïgon Musée Blanchard de la Brosse Saïgon

The museum is located in the Botanical and Zoological gardens.
It was built by Auguste Delaval and it was inaugurated on 1st January 1929.
It traces the Vietnam's history from antiquities until 1930.

Foyer du Soldat et du Marin

Foyer du Soldat et du Marin Saigon

- at number 4 le " Foyer du Soldat et du Marin " avec sa piscine et à côté de la Maison de la Radio.

Air France Agency

Air France Two monks in Saigon Air France The Far East Air France

- " 12 " Air France Agency "

Claude Bourrin Theater

- " 23 Claude Bourrin Theater

Juva 4 Renault & cyclo-poussee sur le bld Bonard Saïgon Le Jardin Botanique de Saïgon


The Jean Comte Company since 1920

Ets Jean Comte Saigon - Phnom-Penh
Peugeot Saigon
Jean Comte Company Saigon   Jean Comte Company Saigon Le père et ses enfants en Peugeot 203 Saigon

34 Norodom Boulevard
Tel: 20.257 et 22.527
Concessionaire for::
Automobiles and parts: Peugeot, Hotchkiss, Dodge, Packard, Saurer

Peugeot 202 and 203 automobiles at the Jean Comte Garage

Peugeot 203 Saigon Peugeot 203 Publiciité Jean Comte Saigon Peugeot 203 devant le Garage Jean Comte Saigon Peugeot 203 Saigon Peugeot 203 en exposition au Garage Jean Comte Saigon Peugeot 202 à la station-service Jean Comte Saïgon

Cycles and motorcycles: Peugeot, Meteore, as well as, from 1950 on, the famous Vélosolex.

Vélosolex and Peugeot motorcycle at the Jean Comte Garage

Velosolex Jean ComteVelosolex Etablissements Jean Comte Saïgon Velosolex Etablissements Jean Comte Saïgon Montage des motos Peugeot aux Etablissements Jean Comte Saïgon

Tires: Michelin
Miscellaneous: Sedis chains, Champion, Jaeger, Marchal, Solex, Shell, Isorel
Branch office
11 Doudars de La Grée Boulevard
Paris office: 17, rue Daru
Paris VIII
General administrator: M. Marcel Laurent
Board members:
Mr. J.B. Comte (president)
Mr. J.R. Comte (vice-president)
A corporation with a capital of 127,500,500.- francs.

The Vélosolex in Vietnam

Velosolex Jean ComteThe velosolex in Vietnam Rex Hotel, Renault 4 CV, Velosolex,  Citroën Saigon 1966 In 1963 Solex in front the Theater  (Parliament) Saigon

The VeloSoleX first appeared in Indochina in 1950 when the Jean Comte Establishments imported the first velosolex 45s into the 3 countries on the peninsula: Laos, Cambodia and South Vietnam.
The VeloSoleX was very popular in the cities of South Vietnam, especially Saigon, Hue, and Tourane, its story ended in 1975.


Paul Blanchy Street
(Haï Ba Trung)

Paul Blanchy (1837-1901), son of a merchant from Bordeaux, moved to Indochina in 1871 and developed pepper farming.
He was elected the first mayor of Saigon, from 1895 to 1901, having been president of of the Colonial Council of Cochin-China in 1873. Saigon was the only city in colonial Vietnam to have an elected mayor.

Breweries and Ice-Houses of Indochina "BGI"

Breweries and Ice-Houses of Indochina BGI
Breweries and Ice-Houses of Indochina BGI Saigon Sirups BGI

At 6, Paul Blanchy Street
Tel : 20.311 et Ca : 528
Products manufactured: Ice, Beer, Soft Drinks.
Branches : Saigon - Cholon - Phnom Penh - Hanoi - Haiphong.
Manager: Mr. H. Murtin
B.G.I. will cease its activities in Indochina in 1976 to settle in North Africa and Southern Africa.

Larue Beer BGI Breweries Saigon in 1971

The « Brasseries et Glacières d'Indochine » (Breweries and Ice-Houses
of Indochina) which made the famous “Larue” and “33” export beers.
At the end of the 19th century, a demobilized top sergeant of the French Army took up beer-making in Saigon by joining a brewer from Hanoi, a certain Hommel, to found the Breweries and Ice-Houses of Indochina, (BGI).
After the death of its founder, The Denis Brothers, the company of the four brothers from Bordeaux which had been in Saigon since 1862, took over the business. Over 4000 persons worked for BGI until 1975.

Larue and "33" Export Biers

Brasseries & Glacières de l'Indochine Bière Royale Cholon Bière Larue Vietnam Bière 33 Brasseries et Glacières d'Indochine

Le Corsica

Le Corsica Saïgon

20, Paul Blanchy Street
Bar and Buffet
Managers Mr.& Mrs Bariani

Les Caves du Sahel
(The wine cellars from Sahel)

Les Caves du Sahel Saïgon

S. Crisias & F. Pettinato
Wines - Grocery Store
26 - 28 Paul Blanchy Street

Khinh - Ky

Kink Ky Grocery Store Saigon

Grocery Store
49 - 51 Paul Blanchy Street

Tân Dinh Market

Le marché Tân Dinh

The market was built in 1926-1927 by Société d' Études et de Constructions (SIDEC).

Rickshaw in Paul Blanchy Street Saigon

Rickshaw in Paul Blanchy Street


Marne Embankment

Indochina manufacturer of Juan Bastos Cigarettes and Tobacco

Cigarettes Bastos

Indochina manufacturer of Juan Bastos cigarettes and tobacco, supplier to the French, Spanish, Tunisian, and Moroccan administration
151, Marne Embankment

Juan Bastos cigarettes

Bastos the quality cigarette

Douaumont Street

Indochina Tobacco & Cigarette Manufacturer Mélia Saigon "MITAC"

Cigarettes Melia Saigon Cigarettes Melia Saigon

Limited Liabilty Company with a capital of 7.500.000 Piastres
121-139 Douaumont Street

Manufactured Rubber Company

Caoutchouc Saigon

140, Douaumont Street

Marechal de Latttre de Tassigny Street

Bata Shoes

Bata Vietnam
Bata Saigon

A French corporation
Indochina Division
Shoe factories in :
Saïgon-Cholon, Hanoï-Haïphong
Headquarters :
76, Marechal de Latttre de Tassigny Street

Bata Saïgon

Somme Boulevard

Pachod Brothers

Cô-bà Pachod Frères Saïgon

This company imported Englebert tires, Simmons mattresses, Mercier bicycles, Simplex derailleurs, Exshaw cognac, fabrics and bazaar articles into Indochina.
22, Somme Boulevard
40, Henri d'Orleans Boulevard

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