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Garage Charner Saigon

Htel Majestic

Arrêt des autobus Boulevard de la Somme à Saïgon en 1946

The Far East Air France

Groupe Scolaire Jaureguiberry

Brodart rue Catinat Saïgon

Transport en autobus

Etablissements Bainier Indochine

Depuis le café de la "Pointe des Blagueurs" la station maritime Mobil

Sagon Photo

Lait SucrÉ Concentré Rosy Saigon

Peugeot 203 Saigon

Autoradio Philips Saigon

Savon Viet-nam

Indochine Sud Est Asiatique

Couple Saïgon

La Croix du Sud rue Catinat Saïgon

Mobylettes bleue Sagon

Le Garage Charner Saïgon

Soldat Francais en mobylette Saïgon

Citroën 2 CV & Vélosolex à Saïgon

La Pharmacie Centrale de Sagon

Renault Vietnam

Le Boulevard Charner

Librairie Albert Portail

Garage Charner Saigon

Solex Famililal à Saïgon

Air Vietnam Saigon Paris

Location voitures Saigon

Vendeuses de fruits & Lgumes dans Sagon

Policiers sud-vietnamiens

Carrefour Renault-Dauphine Volkswagen Coccinnelle Saïgon

Cinema Cathay Saïgon

La terrase café de Saïgon

Manifestation dans Saïgon

Velosolex 330 Saigon

Cô-bà Pachod Frères Saïgon

Camion Renault Saïgon

Restaurant Night-Club La Cigale Saïgon

Vue sur le Boulevard Bonard de Sagon

Palace Hotel Saïgon

Femme Vietnamienne Saigon

Albatros Saigon

Manifestation dans Saïgon

Le Docteur Irwin S. Leinbach devant son Ambulance Peugeot de l'Hôpital Cho-Ray de Saïgon

Vendeuse dans une ruelle de Saïgon

jeunes sagonnaises

Ford Vedette Saïgon

Brodart-Le Bougnat Saigon

Cinema de Sagon

Saïgon 15 Février 1953

Bireleys Saigon

Bureau des PTT de  Saigon

Indochine Sud-Est Asiatique 1953

Jeunes filles dans un taxi Lambretta de Saïgon

Militaires sud-vietnamiens

Boulevard Charner Sagon

Cigarettes Bastos

Rue Catinat

publicit Coca-Cola Saïgon

Cathédrale Notre-Dame Saïgon

La Poste de Sagon

Mobylettes Saïgon novembre 1967

Souvenir de Sagon

Cigarettes Melia Saigon

La Croix du Sud rue Catinat Saïgon

Savon Vietnam Saigon

Manifestation dans Saïgon

Carrefour du Centre Ville de Saïgon

Imprimeries et Librairies Indochinoises Saïgon

Bastos the quality cigarette

Le riz Indochine

La Banque B.N.C.I de Sagon

Depuis le café de la "Pointe des Blagueurs" la station maritime Mobil

Militaires sud-vietnamiens

Souvenir de Sagon

Etablissement Lucien Berthet Catinat Saïgon

Saigonnaises sur les trottoirs de Saïgon

Cyclomoteur-Taxi Sagon

Cathedrale Notre Dame Saigon

Sœur dans un Orphelinat de Saigon

magasins Vièn Dông

Saïgon in 1973

Madame Poizat devant le Continental Palace Saigon

Peugeot 203 Publiciité Jean Comte Saigon

Taxi Peugeot 202 Saïgon

Le Café "Pointe des Blagueurs

Chez Brodard

Air Vietnam Saigon 1952

Bastos the quality cigarette

La Cathédrale Notre Dame Saigon

Le Monuments des Soldats détruit en 1975

Un enfant sur un cyclo-moteur

En Solex 2200 à Saïgon

Bata Saïgon

Etudiants Vietnamiens

Sur le bord de la riviere Saïgon en 1963

Cathedrale Notre Dame Saigon

Cigarettes Nationales

Société Indochinoise de Diffusion Technique

Ligne Saigon-Cholon

Velosolex Saigon

Halles Centrales de Saïgon

Policiers sud-vietnamiens

Garage Bainier Saigon

Cigarettes Mic Extra Cholon

Peugeot 203  Sagon

Marin vietnamien sur un Vélosolex à Saïgon

Moine Boudhiste avec un éventail Bière Larue

policiers de Saïgon

Librairie Albert Portail

Boulevard Charner au fond l'Hôtet de Ville de Saïgon

Cosara Saigon

Solex Mobylettes Sachs Saigon

Catinat cine Saïgon

Savon Viet-nam

Les établissements Boy Landry Saïgon

Grande Pharmacie de France à Saïgon

Soldat Francais en Velosolex

Cinema Rex Saigon

Le tramway remontant la rue des marins à Saïgon

Place Pigneau de Behaine et la Cathedrale de Saigon

Citroën 2 CV & Vélosolex à Saïgon

Colonel Revon rue Catinat Saïgon 1952

Boulevard Charner Saigon 1948

Camionnette Renault avec une saïgonnaise

Taxi Cyclomoteur Saïgon

Souvenir de Sagon

La semaine Saigon avril 1967

Cinema Bonard Saïgon

Chaussures Bata Saigon

Cigarettes Nationales

Jeune Fille de Saïgon

Boulevard Charner au fond l'Hôtet de Ville de Saïgon

Jeune Garçon de Saïgon

Etudiants place Francis Garnier Saigon

Grands Magasins Charner Saïgon

Saci Forges Ateliers et Chantiers Indochine

College Chasseloup Laubat in 1947

Vendeuse dans les rues de Saïgon

Cigarettes Melia

Couple Saigonnais

Cathedrale Notre Dame Saigon

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Drapeau francais

Charner Boulevard
(now Nguyễn Huệ)

Vice-Amiral Charner Saïgon

Named after Admiral Charner, who on February 15th, 1862, liberated the besieged French in Saigon with a Spanish contingent of 300 men.
Léonard Victor Joseph Charner was born on february 13th 1797 in Saint-Brieuc and died on february 7th 1869 in Paris.

Marin Français Boulevard Charner Saïgon Marin Français Boulevard Charner Saïgon Boulevard Charner Saïgon

City Hall

City Hall built in 1907 by Paul Gardès and decorated by Ruffier, remains one of the most beautiful colonial buildings of Saigon.
Today, it is still the Popular Committee Administration of Ho Chi Minh City.

Hôtel de Ville de Saïgon Saigon City Hall


Charner Boulevard

Le Boulevard Charner vu depuis le quai Le Myre de Villers Saïgon

This runs parallel to Catinat Street and goes from City Hall to the Myre de Villiers embankment. Originally, in 1860, this boulevard was a canal, and was filled in in 1887 following a decision by the Colonial Council for the Development of the Capital of Cochin China.

Boulevard Charner vu de l'Hôtel de Ville de Saïgon

The compartmentalized houses along this boulevard have shops on the ground floor and living quarters above.
These structures made the fortune of Chinese developers and Indian builders. Indians were in Indochina as Muslim fabric merchants for the rich, worldly people of the colony or as Christian employees from Pondicherry, employed by the colonial administration. Money-lenders of Hindu origin were called Chettys or Chettiars. It was the latter who would finance the big work projects of Saigon.
In 1880 there was a Chetty temple that was also a Central Bank office.
After the French left, the Chettiars returned to independent India, but an Indian mosque still remains on Admiral Dupré Street (now Dong Du), as well as the Mairammam Hindu temple on Ohier St. (now Truong-Dinh).

Hôtel de Ville Saïgon  Ford Vedette Citroën Traction Le Boulevard Charner Saigon


Hôtel de Ville de Saïgon Boulevard Charner Saïgon Renault 4CV & Dauphine Boulevard Charner Saïgon

Catinat Hotel

Hotel Catinat Saïgon

Side walk Café

La terrasse Cafe Saïgon

Thanh Bach Restaurant

La terrasse Cafe Saïgon

Thanh Bach Restaurant is one of the many sidewalk coffees on Bonard Boulevard (Le Loi).

On Charner Boulevard
in 195O

En 1950 le Boulevard Charner Saïgon

The Charner Department Store

Grands Magasins Charner Saïgon

"French articles" were sold at the "Grands Magasins Charner" at the corner of Bonard and Charner Boulevards, a branch of the “Société Coloniale des Grands Magasins »(Colonial Department Store Company), which would become the “Union Commerciale Indochinoise & Africaine – LUCIA (The Indochinese and African Commercial Union), located at :
- " 135 Charner Boulevard.

Grands Magasins Charner Saïgon

Different departments :
Groceries– Tobacco and Cigarettes- Cosmetics- Fabrics– Stationery
- Clocks and Watches– Photography
- Insurance.
With the exclusive representation of the following brands :
Otard Cognac, Pommery & Greno Champagne, Suze Gentiane, Pernod Pastis, J.Walker Whisky, Martini Vermouth, Patriache Wines, Vitrac Fruits, Le Baudy Sommier Sugar, Cho Meunier Chocolate.
Max Factor, Lanvin, Lancôme, Pétrole Ann.
Kléber-Colombes Tires, Soubitez, Tecalemit, Motobécane.
Singer, Eternit, Teppaz.
The French Tobacco Authority,
La Nationale Life Insurance, Phénix Transports & Life Insurance.
Succursales : Saigon, Haiphong, Hanoi, Phnom-Penh, Tourane, Hong-Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, Tangiers, Casablanca.
The Inspector General for the Far-East
Manager :
William Thibault de Chanvalon

The Charner Department Store
G.M.C. after renovation
(now Thuong Xa Tax)

The Charner Department Store Saigon Crème Agartha, Charner Department Store Saigon The Charner Department Store Saigon

Le Loi Circus

Grands Magasins Charner Saïgon

The Glacier Pôle Nord
North Pole

Le marchand de glaces Pôle Nord à Saïgon Le marchand de glaces Pôle Nord à Saïgon Glacier Pôle Nord

Going back up Charner Boulevard, there used to be a building that was the "Bainier Garage" (Auto Hall) headquarters of Citroën since the 30's.

Garage Bainier Citroen Saïgon

Auto Hall

Bainier Garage Saigon Etablissements Bainier Indochine Auto-Hall Saigon


Rosengart Ariette Saïgon

Rosengart, the car who runs
After the war the Bainier Garage will be the dealers of the french cars: "Unic, Delahaye, Rosengart and Motoconfort".

Mobylette Motoconfort

Mobylette Saigon

Now Auto Hall...
is Rex Hotel
Before 1959

Abraham Lincoln Library

Initially the Rex Hotel was the A. Lincoln library.
The famous Hotel “Rex”, built in 1959, belonged to Mr. & Mrs. Ung Thi (who were King Bao Dai's relatives) who also owned the “Rex Cinema” where films from the western world were shown.

Rex theater

Dalida Théâtre Rex Saïigon

In July of 1962 the Italian-French singer Dalida put on several gala events in Vietnam notably at the Rex Theater as well as at the Hotel Caravelle.
But this tour would be plaqued by complications: the local authorities interrupt her show during a rendition of "La Leçon de Twist" (The Twist Lesson), in these troubled times this song is considered to be a political act! Nevertheless, Dalida is idolised, and the streets of Saigon are jammed by her presence.
She is accompanied by her friend: the actor and painter Jean Sobieski.

Rex film theater

Cinema Rex Saigon

The american movie "Marriage on the Rocks ", with Frank Sinatra, Deborah Kerr, Dean Martin, and Trini Lopez on december 1965.

Cinema Rex Saigon Deux hommes dans la ville Cinema Rex Saigon

The french movie "Two men in town" (Ké Sát Nhân), with Jean Gabin & Alain Delon, was played at the Rex film theater on october 1974.

The mini Rex

Le Roman de Marguerite Gautier, Camille, Alexandre Dumas

Saigon Francophilia

Cinema Rex Saigon

French-language film rank among the most popular at the Rex theater in downtown Saigon. Despite years of French colonialism, one Vietnamese business explained, "France is still the country of our dreams... The Americans are too arrogant and do not understand the importance of our feelings."
Aug 9, 1973 Associated Press.

Rex Hotel

Rex Hotel, Renault 4 CV, Velosolex, Traction Citroën Hôtel Rex Saïgon

During the sixties the Hotel Rex was occupied by American army officers.

Rex Hotel Pool

Cinema Rex Saigon

American Soldiers at Rex Hotel Pool in 1969.
The owners of the Rex chain lived out the end of their life in suburban Paris after their property was confiscated by the new régime in 1975.
The Opium Administration was at number 2; it collected, in the name of the French Government, the profits from the opium trade, which had been farmed out to the Chinese merchants since the creation of Charner Boulevard.


Saint-Grall Saïgon

- at 31 Crystal and Porcelain

La Reine Pédauque

Reine Pédauque Saïgon

- at 34 "Reine Pédauque" Rotisserie

Catinat Hotel

Catinat Hotel Saigon

- at 36 Catinat Hotel
(in 1955 Nguyễn Huệ Boulevard)

Bar Le Bristol

- " 80 Bar "Le Bristol"

Les magasins de Saïgon Les Banderoles de Films en 1948 Saïgon

Restaurant Aterbea

Restaurant Aterbea Saigon

- " 84 Restaurant "Aterbia"
- " 86 Bar-Restaurant "Au Club"

Saigon Garage

Saigon-Garage Simca Simca 8 Saigon-Garage

A Simca 8 convertible at the Saigon Garage during the inauguration of the Automobile Show at the Press and Information Office on September 20th, 1949.

(S.E.I.C.) "Saigon Garage"
Head office: 92 at 102 Charner Boulevard &
11/23, Francis Garnier Square.
Branches: Phnom Penh and Dalat
Manager: Mr.Desmond

Place Francis Garnier Saïgon Citroën 2 CV & Vélosolex à Saïgon

Eden Passage

Société Indochine Luminescence
& Radio (I.L.E.R.)

Société Indochinoise de Diffusion Technique

- " 104 in the Eden Passage the "Société Indochine Luminescence" Philips & Claude Light.
S.D.I.T. Branches : Phnom Penh-Hanoi-Haiphong


Eden Sports Saïgon

- " 106 in the shopping center "Eden Sports" shop, Haute Couture Lise Polen shop, and "La Maison Rouge perfumery.

Eden film theater

Eden Cinema Saïgon Eden Cinema Saïgon

Lise Polen

Eden Sports Saïgon

on Charner Boulevard

Fleuristes sur le boulevard Charner Saïgon Fleuristes, Camion Renault Boulevard Charner Saïgon

La Maison Rouge

La Maison Rouge Passage de l'Eden Saïgon

- " 116 Air Vietnam agency

Air Vietnam

- " 116 Radialva, Radio, Records, Photos "Pacific Radio"


Charner Garages
"Renault Chevrolet Austin"
131-133 Charner Boulevard

Renault SaigonGarage Charner Saigon Le Garage Charner SaïgonRenault Saigon

The Renault 4cv

Garage Charner Saigon

A Renault 4 CV, ready to be sold to its future owner

Renault Juva 4 au Garage Charner Saigon

A Renault Juva 4 getting a tune-up at the Charner Garage in Saigon

The "Charner Garages" Limited Liabilty Company with a capital of 4.200.000 Piastres. It is located at 131-133, Charner Boulevard.
Phnom-Penh :169, Ohier Street
Banmethuot : route n° 14
Dalat, Kompong Cham
Passenger cars and Heavy trucks
(French) : The French National Authority of the Renault Factories and Coder Trailers.
(Foreign) : Austin, Chevrolet, Cadillac
Managers: René-Léon & Roger Bordes

Garage Charner Saigon Le Garage Charner Saïgon Renault Vietnam

Inside the Charner Garage

Renault SaigonGarage Charner SaigonRenault Saigon


The Charner Garage in the beginning of the 1960’s

Garage Charner Saigon Garage Charner Saigon

The Charner Garage would no longer sell the Renault brand in the beginning of the sixties, but would be the Cadillac, Austin, and Chevrolet dealer.
131, Nguyễn Huệ (formerly Charner)
Tel : 22.531

Cong-Ty Renault in the beginning of the ‘60’s

Garage Renault Cong Ty Saigon Renault Saigon Garage Renault Cong Ty Saigon

In the beginning of the sixties, Renault would have its own subsidiary and would sell certain models in Vietnam, like the 4 L, the Renault 8, and the Caravelle.
231, Bên Chuong Dong (formerly Quai de Belgique)
Tel: 26.652 & 25.349
59, Lê Thánh Tôn (formerly Lê Loi Street and Spain Street)
Tel: 23.491
Since 2009 the Renault building, on the Belgium wharf, has become a Beer Hall (Bia Bitburger).

Charner Boulevard before 1955

Peugeot 202 on Charner Boulevard Saigon Moto-Cycle on Charner Boulevard Saigon

Nguyễn Huệ Boulevard after 1955
(formely Charner)

Nguyễn Huệ (Charner) Boulevard (Charner) ending in the Saigon River.

Boulevard Charner (Nguyễn Huệ) Saïgon

The Saigon Cholon line (CFTI)

Le tramway dans le centre ville de Saïgon Le tramway remontant la rue des marins à Saïgon Tramway Cholon-Saïgon

Saigon station district

Le quartier de la Gare, Peugeot 203 Saigon La Place du Marché à Saïgon Peugeot 403 Velosolex Saïgon


The ninth meeting of the Colombo Plan
October 21-24, 1957

(Colombo Plan for Cooperative Economic Development in South and Southeast Asia Conference)
Conference Hall in what was formerly the French Chamber of Commerce building.

Conférence de Colombo Saïgon Conférence de Colombe 24 octobre 1957

"Dien Hall Kong" is located on Ben Chuong Street


The film theaters (Cinemas) of Saigon

Catinat -Ciné

Catinat cine Saïgon

During the 1950’s there were about a dozen cinemas in Saigon, not counting those of Cholon. All French, as well as American films were shown in the French-language version, subtitled in Vietnamese and Chinese!
- Cinema A-Sam, 111, Albert 1 st Boulevard

Bonard theater

Cinema Bonard Saïgon

- " Bonard 121, boulevard Bonard

Casino Dakao

Casino de Dakao ard Saïgon

- "Casino Dakao" , Maréchal Foch Square
- " Catinat 151, Catinat street

Casino theater

Cinema Casino Saïgon

- " Casino theater at the corner of Pellerin Street and Bonard Boulevard

Cathay theater

Cinema Cathay Saïgon

- " Cathay”, 25 Maréchal De Lattre de Tassigny Street

Catinat Ciné

Catinat cine Saïgon

- " Catinat 151, Catinat Street

Eden theater

Cinéma Eden Saïgon

- " Eden 183, Catinat Street
- " Majestic 13-15-17 Catinat Street

Truong Quoc theater

Cinema Truong Saigon Le tombeur de ces Dames avec Jerry Lewis Saïgon

Olympic theater

Cinema Olympic Saïgon Cinema et Garage Olympic Saigon

- " Olympic 95, Chasseloup-Laubat Street
- " Nam Quang corner of Testard street and Thai-Lap-Than Street
- " Nam Viêt 131, Chaigneau street
- " Saigon Casino corner of Pellerin street and Bonard Boulevard
- " Thanh Binh 343, Colonel Grimaud Street

Van Cam film theater

Cinema Van Cam

- " Van Cam 8, Pépinière street (Thi-Nghé)

Parade de Printemps avec Fred Astaire

The "Easter Parade" movie was played at Van Cam film Theater on July 1950.
These theaters were frequented by French expatriates, Vietnamese, French military personnel, and later by Americans.

L'amour en 4eme Vitesse avec Elvis Presley

"Viva Las Vegas", with Elvis Presley (photo taken in 1966)


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